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File on the former station of Céüze, which has just closed its doors in April 2020:

A ski resort that closed its ski area

Céüze is an epic ski resort. The history of skiing in the region goes back to the Second World War. Over the years, the infrastructure has adapted to the needs of skiers and sports standards, but then the activity has gradually declined.

Until April 2020, the ski resort of Ceuze had an impressive equipment such as its 17 slopes of 24 km including 5 red slopes, 7 blue slopes and 7 green slopes, its 7 lifts and its ski tows, including 1 telebaby. Today, due to a lack of money, the slopes are at a standstill.

But it remains a quiet high altitude village

Located in the Hautes-Alpes, the resort is nestled on the slopes of the Céüze mountain. It has a preserved and quiet space, the whole offering a panoramic view on the valley of the Durance, the snowy massifs of Dévoluy, Champsaur with the Écrins in background, the mount Ventoux, the high Ubaye, La Cluse and the Vercors.

With an altitude ranging from 1550 to 2016 meters, the resort is the perfect place to spend a family vacation.

With many possible activities (except skiing)

Known for being an unmissable ski resort, Céüze also offers other diverse activities. The ski slopes are not exclusively reserved for skiing, you can also practice all kinds of sliding sports such as sledding, mountain biking, etc.

For hikers, they will not be disappointed, because the area offers a vast meadow to go on an adventure. If you prefer to spend quiet and peaceful moments, the region can also offer you that. The landscape, the green space, the panoramic view, Céüze has all the assets to make your stay unforgettable.

For nature lovers, the region is also home to an impressive biodiversity. But what attracts more and more thrill-seekers in recent years is climbing. Climbers from all over the world rush to climb the impressive cliffs that the region offers. Whatever your preferences, Céüze is a destination for everyone.

The village of Céüze in a few figures

Ski resort Céüze
Commune Manteyer
Massif Massif of Bochaine
Department High Alps
Mountain Southern Alps
? Ski area ?
Size of the village ski area (in klm): 35
Size of the village ski area with connection(s) (in klm): 35
Longest downhill ski run (in km) 3
Name of the ski area Ceuze
Connected station(s) No
❄ Altitude of ski area ❄
Altitude at the bottom of the ski area (in m) 1 530
Altitude at the top of the ski area (in m) 2 000
Average altitude of the ski area (in m) 1 765
Total height of the domain (in m) 470
Surface area of artificial snow (in ha) 0
? Difficulty of ski trails ?
Number of green runs 6
Number of blue trails 6
Number of red trails 5
Number of black runs 0
Total number of downhill ski trails 17
? Ski lifts ?
Ski lifts 9
Children’s treadmill 0
Fixed grip chairlifts 0
Detachable Chairlifts 0
Funiculars 0
Gondolas 0
Cable cars 0
Total number of lifts 9
? Nordic ski area ?
Number of cross-country ski trails (or Nordic area) 0
Size of the Nordic ski area (in klm): 0
?️ Services in the station ?️
Presence of a snowpark: No
Presence of an aquatic complex and spa No
Trails accessible on foot from the village : Yes
Number of year-round inhabitants (including low-lying village) 400
Slogan of the station Station now closed
? Access to the station ?
Nearest train station: Veynes Dévoluy
Bus shuttle to a train station: No
Distance from Paris (in kilometers) 692
? Price survey in the station ?
Price list of the ski pass (1 day) in high season (access to the entire ski area) 18 €
Price of the weekly pass (6 days) in high season (access to the whole ski area) 50 €
Ski equipment rental rate per week (adult) 80 €
Ski equipment rental rate per week (child) 35 €
Rental studio 2 persons (school vacations) 320 €
Family apartment rental 4 persons (school vacations) 500 €
Total cost of stay for 2 adults (excluding transport and food) 580 €
Total cost of stay for 2 adults and 2 children (excluding transportation and food) 885 €
? Average real estate rate ?
Average price per m2 of an apartment 1 550 €
Average price per m2 of a chalet 2 150 €
Average price of a 60m2 apartment 93 000 €
Average price of a 100m2 chalet 215 000 €
? Station evaluation on 7 criteria ?
Score on the average snowmaking capacity of the massif / 10 8
Note on the ratio between the size of the ski area vs. the stay rate / 10 8
Note of the ski area and ski lifts / 10 5
Note on the diversity of activities offered (except skiing) / 10 5
Note on the charm and interest of the Village / 10 7
Note on the average cost of a stay / 10 10
Score on the average evaluation of Internet users /10 6,5
? Station average via 7 criteria ?
Final average score according to / 10 7,1
Final ranking according to 98th position on 232 stations in France

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