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Crest-Voland Cohennoz

Crest Voland, a charming village in Haute-Savoie

Being a winter sports resort of the Auverge-Rhône-Alpes region and the department of Savoie, Crest-Voland Cohennoz is in the ski area of the Espace Diamant. It associates two village-stations, one of which is part of the commune of Crest-Voland and the other one to the one of Cohennoz.

Perched at a altitude Between 1230 m and 1650 m, this ski resort is especially suitable for those who are new to this kind of activity. It has several lodgings and a comfortable level of sunshine. The slopes are equipped so that everyone can find comfort. The green and blue ones are the most suitable for thelearning.

A resort with a good reputation

Created in 1950, the station Crest-Voland Cohennoz is one of the most famous ski areas in France. Originally, it belonged to a company anonyme with 110 shareholders. The first ski lift was operational in 1951 and since then the station is constantly evolving.

In 1984, there was a merger between the ski areas Crest-Voland-Cohennoz and Les Saisies. Facilities were added as the resort expanded. Now the area is able to accommodate more than 7,681 tourist beds. These beds are distributed among the 1,355 establishments present.

A ski resort accessible to everyone

Whether it is for the beginners or for advanced skiers, the Crest-Voland Cohennoz resort offers free access. It is about 83 km from the airport of Chambéry and 97 km from Geneva, but it is also possible to reach it by road or by train.

It has 192 km of tracks which are shared with the four other village resorts in the same area. 30 of these runs are green, 49 are blue, 69 are red and the remaining 10 are black. Apart from these slopes, 82 ski lifts are also available.

The Crest – Voland Cohennoz resort in figures

⛷️ Ski resort ⛷️ Crest-Voland Cohennoz
Commune Crest-Voland Cohennoz
Massif Beaufortain Massif
Department Haute-Savoie
Mountain Northern Alps
? Ski area ?
Size of the village ski area (in klm): 30
Size of the village ski area with connection(s) (in klm) : 192
Longest downhill ski run (in km) 4
Name of the ski area Espace Diamant
Connected station(s) Saisies, Crest-Voland Cohennoz, Notre-Dame-de-Bellecombe, Flumet, Saint-Nicolas-la-Chapelle, Praz-sur-Arly
❄ Altitude of ski area ❄
Altitude at the bottom of the ski area (in m) 1 230
Altitude at the top of the ski area (in m) 2 069
Average altitude of the ski area (in m) 1 650
Total vertical drop of the domain (in m) 839
Surface area of artificial snow (in ha) 25
? Difficulty of ski trails ?
Number of green runs 30
Number of blue trails 68
Number of red trails 50
Number of black runs 9
Total number of downhill ski trails 157
? Ski lifts ?
Ski lifts 45
Children’s treadmill 0
Fixed grip chairlifts 4
Detachable Chairlifts 27
Funiculars 0
Gondolas 0
Cable cars 0
Total number of lifts 76
? Nordic area ?
Number of cross-country ski trails (or Nordic area) 15
Size of the Nordic ski area (in klm): 120
?️ Services in the station ?️
Presence of a snowpark: Yes
Presence of an aquatic complex & spa : No
Trails accessible on foot from the village : Yes
Number of year-round inhabitants (including low-lying village) 750
Slogan of the station Small villages, big spaces
? Access to the resort ?
Nearest train station: Albertville
Bus shuttle to a train station: Yes
Distance from Paris (in kilometers) 623
? Price survey in the station ?
Price list for a ski pass (1 day) in high season (access to the entire ski area) 42 €
Price of the week pass (6 days) in high season (access to the whole ski area) 219 €
Ski equipment rental rate per week (adult) 100 €
Ski equipment rental rate per week (child) 50 €
Rental studio 2 persons (school vacations) 700 €
Family apartment rental 4 persons (school vacations) 900 €
Cost of stay for 2 adults (excluding transport and food) 1 338 €
Cost of stay for 2 adults and 2 children (excluding transport and food) 1 879 €
? Average real estate rate ?
Average price per m2 of an apartment 4 000 €
Average price per m2 of a chalet 4 500 €
Average price of a 60m2 apartment 240 000 €
Average price of a 100m2 chalet 450 000 €
? Station evaluation on 7 criteria ?
Score on the average snowmaking capacity of the massif / 10 8
Note on the ratio between the size of the ski area vs. the price of the stay / 10 6
Evaluation note of the ski area and ski lifts / 10 9
Note on the diversity of activities (except skiing) / 10 7
Note on the charm and interest of the Village / 10 8
Note on the average cost of a stay / 10 6
Score on the average evaluation of Internet users /10 7
? Station average via 7 criteria ?
Final average score according to / 10 7,3
? Ranking according to ? 94th position out of 232 stations in France

Crest Voland in 19 Questions / Answers

  • What are the activities in winter in crest-voland-cohennoz ?

The resort of crest-voland-cohennoz is a very rich in activities, especially in winter it offers activities such as:

Ski Skiing : the main activity in winter, our resort has several slopes that you can enjoy day and night assisted by a qualified staff.

Cooking lessons If you like cooking then this course will be enjoyable for you, taught by chefs you can learn new recipes.

Climbing and Tyrolean traverse Discover the spectacular scenery of the area by climbing or enjoy the panoramic view of the resort from the top.

Hiking in the mountains Survey the tracks and trails of the mountains accompanied by specialists of the place.

  • What are the activities in summer at the resort of crest-voland-cohennoz ?

The resort of crest-voland-cohennoz also offers many summer activities such as:

Kayak This activity is at the door of all in kayak land you will live an experience that you will never forget.

Horseback riding The station is close to several equestrian centers including that of the rif noir where you can do horseback riding or horse rides.

Swimming pools In the heat of summer, take advantage of the municipal swimming pool of Crest, swimsuits are available on site.

Skate The station of crest-voland-cohennoz has in its vicinity a skate-park the skate-park Crest.

  • What to visit in crest-voland-cohennoz and its surroundings ?

Among these places that you must visit in crest-voland-cohennoz we can mention : tower of Crest, stones and wonders, chapel cordeliers, art center of Crest, church saint sauveur…

  • Where to eat in crest-voland-cohennoz ?

The resort of crest-voland-cohennoz offers more than 30 restaurants among which we can mention : coeur alpin, le mazot, le nant cortet….

  • Where to sleep in crest-voland-cohennoz ?

The resort offers a number of different accommodations such as le caprice des neiges, le refuge du Lachat, chalet le saphir….

  • How big is the ski area of crest-voland-cohennoz ?

The ski area of the resort of crest-voland-cohennoz has a size of 192 kilometers, divided into 157 trails. Among these tracks, the longest is 2 kilometers and a Nordic ski track that measures 120 kilometers.

  • What is the altitude of crest-voland-cohennoz?

This domain has an altitude between 1230 meters and 2069 meters high.

  • What is the price of the ski pass at crest-voland-cohennoz ?

Their packages start from 42 euros per day, and 219 euros per week.

  • What is the average price of a rental in crest-voland-cohennoz?

For a furnished studio for 2 people, the average price is 700 Euros, and for an apartment for 4 people, the average price per week is 900 Euros.

  • Does the resort of crest-voland-cohennoz have a bike park?

NO crest-voland-cohennoz does not have a bike park.

  • How to get to crest-voland-cohennoz by train ?

You can easily get there from the Albertville train station or you can take a shuttle.

  • What is the postal code of crest-voland-cohennoz ?

The postal code of crest-voland-cohennoz is 73400.

  • In which department is located the station of crest-voland-cohennoz ?

The station of crest-voland-cohennoz is located in the department of Haute Savoie.

  • Does the resort of crest-voland-cohennoz have a tourist office ?

The resort of crest-voland-cohennoz is part of the tourist office of the val d’Arly. It is located at 81 place bouloz, 73590 Crest-Voland France.

  • Are there any webcams on the resort of crest-voland-cohennoz ?

Yes, there is a webcam, which you can find at this web address

  • Where to find information about the weather in crest-voland-cohennoz ?

You can find the latest weather report from the crest-voland-cohennoz station at

  • What is the opening date of the ski lifts in crest-voland-cohennoz ?

In crest-voland-cohennoz, the ski lifts usually open the first week of December, until the beginning of April, but everything depends on the snow cover of the massif.

  • Is there an ESF school in crest-voland-cohennoz ?

Yes, it is at cohennoz 73400 (LE CERNIX)

What is’s opinion on Crest Voland Cohennoz?

In the end, ski data. Io gives the average rating of 7.28/10 to the ski resort of crest-voland-cohennoz, which places it in the 91st position in France. Its strong points are : cost of the stay 9/10, average snow 8/10 and size of the domain 8/10.

Map of the Crest Voland ski slopes

crest voland ski slope map
Crest Voland – Map of the ski runs
Espace Diamant - Ski slope map
Espace Diamant – Ski Trail Map

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