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Font d’Urle

Font d’Urle, nestled on a plateau, in the heart of the southern Vercors

Located at the heart of the southern Vercors, on the territory of the BouvanteDrôme department, Font d’Urle a real flagship destination. Hiking activities are the most popular in this country. At this level, travelers have the choice between a ballad in the wilderness and climbing cliffs of Font Urle.

If we opted for a exploration in the middle of nature, the tourist agents recommend the visit of the Vercors Park which became a heritage world heritage. Visitors will be able to enjoy the fresh air that circulates in the place and the feeling of delight and well-being generated by the walk.

Surrounded by a landscape, rich in fauna and flora

On the way, they can discover the fauna and flora species that make this place unique in the world. It will also be an opportunity to get to know the Cave of Choranches, which is one of the oldest caves in France and even in Europe. A real vestigeThis place fascinates history and archaeology lovers.

However, if one has a penchant for extreme exercises, cliff climbing is the most recommended. Climbing and traversing places at the height of Font d’Urle, we can admire the panoramic view from below.

For a stay in contact with nature

In this context, the stations offer the choice between family or individual skiing. Children’s areas have also been set up for allow these little oness to be comfortable in this snowy and rather noisy place. À Fort UrleIt is also possible to make alpine and nordic skis. Its relief also allows the realization of various ski tricks like freestyles.

They also offer equipment rental services The equipment rental services are varied according to the type of skiing to be done. Each ski area has been meticulously designed to provide comfort and above all protection and security to the visitors. Featuring 16 ski slopes, everyone can choose the terrain that suits them.

A Nordic space of dream

The resort is known for its 132klm of cross-country ski trails, but also its various activities, such as animationsski lessons for beginners, the tasting of culinary dishes and finally, sliding and sport sessions on the snow, i.e. sledding parties with dogs, snowshoes, surfing and skiing.

The Font d’Urle resort in figures

⛷️ Ski resort ⛷️ Font d’Urle
Commune Bouvante
Massif Vercors Massif
Department Drôme
Mountain Northern Alps
🗻 Ski area 🗻
Size of the village ski area (in klm): 14
Size of the village ski area with connection(s) (in klm): 14
Longest downhill ski run (in km) 1
Name of the ski area Font d’Urle – Chaud Clapier
Connected station(s) No
❄ Altitude of ski area ❄
Altitude at the bottom of the ski area (in m) 1 250
Altitude at the top of the ski area (in m) 1 700
Average altitude of the ski area (in m) 1 475
Total height of the domain (in m) 450
Surface area of artificial snow (in ha) 0
🎿 Difficulty of ski trails 🎿
Number of green runs 5
Number of blue trails 6
Number of red trails 6
Number of black runs 0
Total number of downhill ski trails 16
🚡 Lifts 🚡
Ski lifts 10
Children’s treadmill 0
Fixed grip chairlifts 0
Detachable chairlifts 1
Funiculars 0
Gondolas 0
Cable cars 0
Total number of lifts 1
🌲 Nordic ski area 🌲
Number of cross-country ski trails (or Nordic area) 10
Size of the Nordic ski area (in klm): 132
🏘️ Services in the station 🏘️
Presence of a snowpark: No
Presence of an aquatic complex and spa No
Trails accessible on foot from the village : Yes
Number of year-round inhabitants (including low-lying village) 220
Slogan of the station Multi-discipline family resort
🚆 Access to the station 🚆
Nearest train station: Die
Bus shuttle to a train station: No
Distance from Paris (in kilometers) 635
💶 Price survey in the station 💶
Price list of the ski pass (1 day) in high season (access to the entire ski area) 17 €
Price of the weekly pass (6 days) in high season (access to the whole ski area) 96 €
Ski equipment rental rate per week (adult) 80 €
Ski equipment rental rate per week (child) 35 €
Rental studio 2 persons (school vacations) 300 €
Family apartment rental 4 persons (school vacations) 450 €
Total cost of stay for 2 adults (excluding transportation and food) 652 €
Total cost of stay for 2 adults and 2 children (excluding transportation and food) 978 €
🔑 Average real estate rate 🔑
Average price per m2 of an apartment 1 150 €
Average price per m2 of a chalet 1 500 €
Average price of a 60m2 apartment 69 000 €
Average price of a 100m2 chalet 150 000 €
📊 Station evaluation on 7 criteria 📊
Score on the average snowmaking capacity of the massif / 10 7
Note on the ratio between the size of the ski area vs. the stay rate / 10 6
Evaluation note of the ski area and ski lifts / 10 3
Note on the diversity of activities offered (except skiing) / 10 5
Note on the charm and interest of the Village / 10 6
Note on the average cost of a stay / 10 10
Score on the average evaluation of Internet users /10 7
🎓 Station average via 7 criteria 🎓
Final average score according to / 10 6,3
🏆 Ranking according to 🏆 188th position out of 232 stations in France

Fond d’Urle in Questions / Answers

  • What are the activities in winter at Font d’Urle?

The resort of font-d-urle is a very rich in activities, especially in winter it offers activities such as:

Snowshoeing This itinerary without difficulties allows you to discover both the practice of snowshoeing and the ski area of the station of chaud clapier.

Snow kite When the strawberry cuts the road of font-d-urle, and that the wind gets involved it is a good sign for the cracked of Snow kite.

Alpine skiing Font d’urle is also a warm and family ski resort where children find an ideal playground to learn the joys of skiing.

Hiking on the snow Very nice winter activity in the forest, the area is often well covered with snow and sheltered from the wind, so you will discover the area under its coat of snow.

  • What are the activities in summer at the font d-urle resort?

The font-d-urle resort also offers many summer activities such as:

Horseback riding The equestrian center is open all year round, rides and outings are organized and tourists can take lessons during their stay.

Hiking Hiking : take advantage of the season to familiarize yourself with the area by participating in the hikes organized by the resort.

Picnic The estate has several picnic areas in its vicinity where families can spend warm moments together.

MOUNTAIN BIKE ATVs: ride the trails and tracks with your friends, or participate in the season’s competitions.

  • What to visit in and around Font-d-urle?

Among these places that you must visit in Font-d-urle we can mention : cave of font de Gaume, zoo of assone, mirror of water, museum of history of the medicine, cathedral Sainte Marie…

  • Where to eat in font d-urle ?

The resort of font-d-urle offers more than 200 restaurants among which we can mention : les dunes d’orient, les délices d’Asie, le poulailler d’Augustin…

  • Where to sleep in font-d’urle ?

Font-d-urle offers a number of different accommodations such as le font d uzas, le castel enchante, bed and breakfast fond Margout ….

  • How big is the ski area of font d’urle ?

The ski area of the resort of font d-urle has a size of 14 kilometers, divided into 16 tracks. Of these tracks, the longest is 1 kilometer and a Nordic ski track of 132 kilometers.

  • What is the altitude of font d-urle ?

This area has an altitude between 1250 meters and 1700 meters high.

  • What is the price of the font d’urle package?

Their packages start from 17 euros per day, and 96 euros per week.

  • What is the average price of renting an apartment in font-d-urle?

For a furnished studio for 2 people, the average price is 300 euros, and for an apartment for 4 people, the average price per week is 450 euros.

  • Is there a bike park in Font-d-urle ?

No the font-d-urle resort does not have a bike park.

  • How to get to font-d-urle by train ?

You can easily get there from the Die train station, unfortunately there is no shuttle bus to get there.

  • What is the postal code of font-d-urle ?

The postal code of font-d-urle is 26190

  • In which department is located the station of font-d-urle ?

The font-d-urle station is located in the Drôme department

  • The station of does font d-urle have a tourist office?

The station of font d-urle is part of the office of Royans It is located at the place of the church

  • Are there any webcams on font d-urle ?

Yes, there is a webcam, which you can find at this web address

  • Where to find information about the weather in Font-d-urle?

You can find the latest weather report from the font-d-urle station at

  • What is the opening date of the ski lifts in font-d-urle?

In Font-d-urle, the lifts usually open the first week of December until the beginning of April, but it all depends on the snow conditions in the mountain.

  • Is there an ESF school in Font-d-urle?

Yes, it is at the address chaud clapier, 26190, France

What is’s opinion about Font d’Urle?

In the end, gives the average rating of 6.28 /10 to the station of font-d-urle, which places it in 190th position in France. Its strong points are: the evaluation of the Internet users 7/10, proposed activities 7/10 and charm of the station 6/10.

Map of the Fond d’Urle ski runs

fond durle ski slopes map
Fond d’Urle – Map of the ski runs
fond durle cross-country ski trail map
Fond d-Urle – Cross-country ski trail map

Translated from the french original version :

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