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Ghisoni, the only ski resort in Corsica

The village of Ghisoni is part of the Regional Natural Park of Corsica. The highlights of this small village were the installation of a convent in the seventh century and the bloody battle of the Revolutionary War in the eighteenth century.

Currently, it is a village A peaceful village that visitors appreciate for its charm and tranquility. Moreover, its architecture The old style architecture is also the pride of this village which has kept its authenticity. The village is far from the tracks, and it is necessary to borrow a winding mountain roadin order to reach it.

The ski slopes of Ghisoni

The first part of the station of Ghisoni is accessible via the ski lift of Capaghiolu. The Pietra Niella ski lift gives access to the lower part of the resort and both parts are equipped with a parking lot. In all, no less than three ski lifts serve the slopes of the resort. Talking about slopes, there are also slopes according to the level of each one: 2 red slopes, 1 blue slope and 2 green slopes.

Located between 1500 and 1870 mthe resort has an interesting snow cover thanks to its altitude. Indeed, it benefits from the disturbances coming fromItaly which provoke strong falls of snow. This is why it is not uncommon to see up to one meter of snow.

An authentic landscape on the Corsican mountains

Skiing at the resort of Ghisoni is a real pleasure, because it has a breathtaking view on the eastern plain. Moreover, it dominates the high valley of the Fiumorbo river being at the foot of Monte Renosu. Although it is a small resort, families can enjoy themselves while taking advantage of the infrastructure. For example, the resort is equipped with a ski school for toddlers.

Access to Ghisoni

To reach the station, you have to take a paved forest road. The station is located 25 km from the village and it is often this accessibility which discourages visitors. But this does not prevent the station from receiving more and more people.

The ski area of Ghisoni in figures

⛷️ Ski resort ⛷️ Ghisoni
Commune Ghisoni
Massif Massif of Corsica
Department Corsica
Mountain Corsica
? Ski area ?
Size of the village ski area (in klm): 3
Size of the village ski area with connection(s) (in klm): 3
Longest downhill ski run (in km) 3
Name of the ski area Ghisoni
Connected station(s) No
❄ Altitude of ski area ❄
Altitude at the bottom of the ski area (in m) 1 580
Altitude at the top of the ski area (in m) 1 870
Average altitude of the ski area (in m) 1 725
Total height of the domain (in m) 290
Surface area of artificial snow (in ha) 0
? Difficulty of ski trails ?
Number of green runs 2
Number of blue trails 2
Number of red trails 3
Number of black runs 0
Total number of downhill ski runs 7
? Ski lifts ?
Ski lifts 3
Children’s treadmill 0
Fixed grip chairlifts 0
Detachable Chairlifts 0
Funiculars 0
Gondolas 0
Cable cars 0
Total number of lifts 3
? Nordic ski area ?
Number of cross-country ski trails (or Nordic area) 0
Size of the Nordic ski area (in klm): 0
?️ Services in the station ?️
Presence of a snowpark: No
Presence of an aquatic complex and spa No
Trails accessible on foot from the village : No
Number of year-round inhabitants (including low-lying village) 212
Slogan of the station Capanelle
? Access to the station ?
Nearest train station: Vizzavona
Bus shuttle to a train station: No
Distance from Paris (in kilometers) 1196
? Price survey in the station ?
Price list of the ski pass (1 day) in high season (access to the entire ski area) 20 €
Weekly pass (6 days) in high season (access to the whole ski area) 100 €
Ski equipment rental rate per week (adult) 90 €
Ski equipment rental rate per week (child) 40 €
Rental studio 2 persons (school vacations) 400 €
Family apartment rental 4 persons (school vacations) 560 €
Total cost of stay for 2 adults (excluding transportation and food) 780 €
Total cost of stay for 2 adults and 2 children (excluding transportation and food) 1 130 €
? Average real estate rate ?
Average price per m2 of an apartment 1 800 €
Average price per m2 of a chalet 2 150 €
Average price of a 60m2 apartment 108 000 €
Average price of a 100m2 house 215 000 €
? Station evaluation on 7 criteria ?
Score on the average snowmaking capacity of the massif / 10 8
Note on the ratio between the size of the ski area vs. the stay rate / 10 4
Evaluation note of the ski area and ski lifts / 10 3
Note on the diversity of activities offered (except skiing) / 10 5
Note on the charm and interest of the Village / 10 7
Note on the average cost of a stay / 10 9
Score on the average evaluation of Internet users /10 6,5
? Station average via 7 criteria ?
Final average score according to / 10 6,1
? Ranking according to ? 199th position out of 232 stations in France

Ghisoni in Questions / Answers

  • What are the activities in winter in Ghisoni ?

The resort of ghisoni is a very rich in activities, especially in winter it offers activities such as:

Ski Skiing: This activity is perfect for fans of extreme sports, for families as well as for solitary people.

Hiking Explore the nature in the winter season mountains and landscapes, an experience not to be missed.

Snowshoeing If you don’t ski and prefer to discover the area in small steps, the resort has a network of snowshoeing trails marked out on kilometers.

Sledding The ghisoni has trails dedicated to sledding, so you can spend a pleasant time with family or friends.

  • What are the activities in summer at the resort of ghisoni?

The resort of ghisoni also offers many summer activities such as:

Swimming pool During this season this activity is popular if you are at the resort of ghisoni in the summer then make a trip to the pool of Fiumorbo you will not regret it.

Hiking The resort of Ghisoni has paradisiacal places that you can discover during the walks accompanied by guides.

Guided tours This activity will offer you a visit to the estate and its surroundings accompanied by guides who know the territory.

Golf Golf: the resort of ghisoni has several golf courses so if you are a fan of this discipline or if you want to take lessons you are in the right place.

  • What to visit in and around Ghisoni?

Among these places that you must visit in ghisoni, we can mention: ghisoni adventure park, Neptune fountain, Baldovini Xavier cheese factory, pozzines of the val d’ese, lake bastani…

  • Where to eat well in ghisoni ?

The resort of ghisoni offers more than 10 restaurants among which we can mention: Ghisoni’s coffee house, auberge U sampolu, A stazzona…

Ghisoni offers a number of different accommodations such as Hotel le Kyrie, Gite U fugone, camping U Valdo…

  • How big is the ski area of ghisoni?

The ski area of the resort of ghisoni has a size of 3 kilometers, divided into 7 tracks. Among these slopes, the longest is 3 kilometers.

  • What is the altitude of ghisoni?

This area has an altitude between 1580 meters and 1870 meters high.

  • What is the price of the ghisoni package?

Their packages start from 20 euros per day, and 100 euros per week.

  • What is the average price of renting an accommodation in ghisoni?

For a furnished studio for 2 people, the average price found is 400 euros, and for an apartment for 4 people, the average price found per week is 560 euros.

  • Does the resort of Ghisoni have a bike park?

No the resort of ghisoni does not have a bike park.

  • How to get to ghisoni by train?

You can easily get there by being at the station of vizzavona, unfortunately no shuttle will allow you to get to the station of ghisoni.

  • What is the postal code of ghisoni ?

The zip code of ghisoni is 20227

  • In which department is the station of ghisoni located?

The station of ghisoni is located in the department of corse

  • Does the resort of ghisoni have a tourist office ?

The resort of ghisoni is part of the office of ghishoni It is located at ghisoni 20227

  • Are there any webcams on ghisoni?

No, there are no webcams.

  • Where to find information about the weather in ghisoni?

You can find the latest weather report from the ghisoni station at

  • What is the opening date of the lifts in ghisoni?

In ghisoni, the lifts usually open the first week of December, until the beginning of April, but everything depends on the snow cover of the massif.

  • Is there an ESF school in Ghisoni?

Yes, it is at the address place de la petite fontaine RD 344,20227 ghisoni, France

What is’s opinion about ghisoni?

Bottom line, gives the average rating of 6.07/10 to the station of ghisoni, which ranks it 205th in France. Its strong points are: cost of the stay 9/10, average snow 8/10 and charm of the resort 7/10.

Map of the ski slopes of Ghisoni

Ghisoni - Map of the ski slopes
Ghisoni – Ski slopes map



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