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List of 158 ski resorts in the french Alps ️?

The 158 ski resorts located in the Alps :

There are 158 ski resorts in the French Alps, representing nearly 70% of all ski areas in France. These resorts are spread over nine departments, and many of them form huge ski areas.

Ski resortMountainName of the MassifName of the ski area (if connected)KLM (ski resort only)Number of ski runsNumber of lifts
AbundanceNorthern AlpsChablais MassifThe doors of the Sun17159
Abriès in QueyrasSouthern AlpsQueyras MassifAbriès in Queyras21165
Needles in QueyrasSouthern AlpsQueyras MassifAiguilles in Queyras453
Aillons MargeriazNorthern AlpsMassif des BaugesAillons Margeriaz364018
Albiez MontrondNorthern AlpsMassif of Arvan-VillardsAlbiez-Montrond352810
Alpe d’HuezNorthern AlpsMassif des Grandes RoussesAlpe Huez Grand Domaine Ski19711171
Alpe du Grand SerreNorthern AlpsTaillefer massifAlpe du Grand Serre553814
AncelleSouthern AlpsMassif des EcrinsAncelle302013
Areches BeaufortNorthern AlpsBeaufortain MassifAreches Beaufort503013
Arvieux en QueyrasSouthern AlpsQueyras MassifArvieux en Queyras15145
Auris en oisansNorthern AlpsMassif des Grandes RoussesAlpe Huez Grand Domaine Ski1972471
AuronSouthern AlpsMercantour MassifAuron1354619
AussoisNorthern AlpsMassif of VanoiseHaute Maurienne Vanoise55218
AutransNorthern AlpsVercors MassifGrand Domaine of Autrans – Méaudre en Vercors21218
AvoriazNorthern AlpsChablais MassifThe doors of the Sun955335
Bellevaux – HirmentazNorthern AlpsMassif des BrassesDomaine du Roc d’Enfer282615
BernexNorthern AlpsChablais MassifBernex302112
BessansNorthern AlpsVanoise MassifBessans333
Beuil les LaunesSouthern AlpsMercantour MassifValberg – Beuil905723
Bonneval sur ArcNorthern AlpsVanoise MassifBonneval sur Arc322610
BramansNorthern AlpsVanoise MassifDomaine de Val Cenis040
Brides les BainsNorthern AlpsVanoise MassifThe Three Valleys1506741
Ceillac in QueyrasSouthern AlpsQueyras MassifCeillac in Queyras17165
CéüzeSouthern AlpsMassif of BochaineCeuze35179
ChabanonSouthern AlpsMassif des MongesChabanon403511
ChaillolSouthern AlpsMassif des EcrinsChaillol15138
ChamonixNorthern AlpsMont Blanc MassifEvasion MontBlanc12011967
Champagny en VanoiseNorthern AlpsMassif of VanoiseParadiski22513695
ChamrousseNorthern AlpsMassif of BelledonneChamrousse904315
ChatelNorthern AlpsChablais MassifThe doors of the Sun834542
Marcieu PassNorthern AlpsMassif of the ChartreuseMarcieu pass566
Door PassNorthern AlpsMassif of the ChartreuseDomaine du Col de Porte2555
Rousset passNorthern AlpsVercors MassifCol de Rousset282610
Ornon PassNorthern AlpsTaillefer MassifOrnon pass884
ComblouxNorthern AlpsMont-Blanc MassifThe Mont-Blanc Gates1006529
CordNorthern AlpsMont Blanc MassifThe Mont-Blanc Gates11107
Corrençon en VercorsNorthern AlpsVercors MassifSpace Villard Correncon2455120
CourchevelNorthern AlpsMassif of VanoiseThe Three Valleys15010955
Crest Voland CohennozNorthern AlpsBeaufortain MassifEspace Diamant3015776
CrévouxSouthern AlpsMassif du ParpaillonCrévoux22165
DoucyNorthern AlpsMassif of LauzièreThe big Domain956134
FlaineNorthern AlpsMassif du GiffreDomaine du Grand Massif1466524
Flumet – St Nicolas la ChapelleNorthern AlpsBeaufortain MassifEspace Diamant231606
Font d’UrleNorthern AlpsVercors MassifFont d’Urle – Chaud Clapier14161
Gréolières les NeigesSouthern AlpsMassif du CheironGréolière les Neiges308611
Gresse en VercorsNorthern AlpsVercors MassifGresse en Vercors222711
Isola 2000Southern AlpsMercantour MassifIsola 20001204419
The Chapel of AbondanceNorthern AlpsChablais MassifThe doors of the Sun352410
La ClusazNorthern AlpsAravis MassifAlpine ski area of the Aravis Massif828553
La ColmianeSouthern AlpsMercantour MassifThe Colmiane30208
La GiettazNorthern AlpsMont Blanc MassifThe Mont-Blanc Gates1006629
La Grave la MeijeSouthern AlpsMassif des EcrinsFreeride skiing3013
La NormaNorthern AlpsVanoise MassifLa Norma652713
La PlagneNorthern AlpsMassif of VanoiseParadiski22512895
La Rosière 1850Northern AlpsMassif of TarentaiseSan Bernardo1604120
La SambuyNorthern AlpsMassif des BaugesLa Sambuy40125
La TaniaNorthern AlpsVanoise MassifThe Three Valleys15010955
La ToussuireNorthern AlpsArvan-Villards massifThe Sybelles604224
Lans en VercorsNorthern AlpsVercors MassifLans en Vercors253014
LarcheSouthern AlpsMassif de l’UbayeLarche353
The Audibergue – La MoulièreSouthern AlpsMassif de l’AudibergueThe Audibergue – The Moulière29237
Laye en ChampsaurSouthern AlpsMassif of DévoluyLaye en Champsaur1087
Le ChazeletSouthern AlpsMassif de la MeijeThe Chazelet10109
The Collet of AllevardNorthern AlpsMassif of BelledonneThe Collet of Allevard352712
Le CorbierNorthern AlpsArvan-Villards massifThe Sybelles904124
The Desert of EntremontNorthern AlpsMassif of the CharteuseThe desert of Entremont343
Le Grand BornandNorthern AlpsAravis massifAlpine ski area of the Aravis Massif844624
The Grand PuySouthern AlpsMassif de la BlancheThe Grand Puy25135
The GranierNorthern AlpsMassif of the CharteuseThe Granier444
Le ReposoirNorthern AlpsMassif des BornesLe Reposoir5106
Le Sappey en ChartreuseNorthern AlpsMassif of ChartreuseLe Sappey en Chartreuse565
The SemnozNorthern AlpsMassif des BaugesThe Semnoz202012
Les 2 AlpesNorthern AlpsMassif des EcrinsLes 2 Alpes2279051
The 7 LauxNorthern AlpsMassif of BelledonneThe 7 Laux1205121
Les ArcsNorthern AlpsMassif of VanoiseParadiski20012352
Les BottièresNorthern AlpsMassif of Arvan-VillardsThe Sybelles1063
The BrassesNorthern AlpsMassif des BrassesThe Brasses372012
Les CarrozNorthern AlpsMassif du GiffreGrand Massif ski area282813
Les Contamines MontjoieNorthern AlpsMont Blanc MassifEvasion MontBlanc1204825
The CoulmesNorthern AlpsMassif de la CharteuseThe Coulmes683
The EqualsNorthern AlpsMassif of the CharteuseSaint huges – Les Egaux444
Les GetsNorthern AlpsChablais MassifThe doors of the Sun1177347
Les HabèresNorthern AlpsLes Habères-HirmentazThe Habères25199
Les HouchesNorthern AlpsMont Blanc MassifEvasion MontBlanc553015
Les KarellisNorthern AlpsMassif of MaurienneLes Karellis602816
Les MenuiresNorthern AlpsVanoise MassifThe Three Valleys1608534
Les OrresSouthern AlpsMassif des EcrinsLes Orres1003517
Les SaisiesNorthern AlpsBeaufortain MassifEspace Diamant776131
Lus la JarjatteNorthern AlpsMassif de la CharteuseLus la Jarjatte775
ManigodNorthern AlpsAravis MassifAlpine ski area of the Aravis Massif252917
MéaudreNorthern AlpsVercors MassifGrand Domaine of Autrans – Méaudre en Vercors181610
MegeveNorthern AlpsMont-Blanc MassifEvasion MontBlanc22018784
MeribelNorthern AlpsVanoise MassifThe Three Valleys1507042
Molines en QueyrasSouthern AlpsBeauregard MassifMoline in Queyras323313
Mount SaxonnexNorthern AlpsMassif des BornesMount Saxonnex15117
Montchavin – La PlagneNorthern AlpsVanoise MassifParadiski22513595
Montclar les 2 valleysSouthern AlpsMassif of DormillouseMontclar les 2 valleys552910
MontgenèvreSouthern AlpsMassif des CercesThe Milky Way994825
Montmin – Col de la ForclazNorthern AlpsMassif des BornesMontmin – Col de la Forclaz353
MontriondNorthern AlpsChablais MassifThe doors of the Sun755035
MorillonNorthern AlpsMassif du GiffreDomaine du Grand Massif25209
MorzineNorthern AlpsChablais MassifThe doors of the Sun902069
Our Lady of BellecombeNorthern AlpsBeaufortain MassifEspace Diamant459875
Orcières MerletteSouthern AlpsMassif des EcrinsOrcières Merlette1005130
OrelleNorthern AlpsVanoise MassifThe Three Valleys1508629
Oz en oisansNorthern AlpsMassif des Grandes RoussesAlpe Huez Grand Domaine Ski533327
Passy Plaine JouxNorthern AlpsChablais MassifPassy Plaine Joux1298
Peisey VallandryNorthern AlpsVanoise MassifParadiski2006954
Pralognan la VanoiseNorthern AlpsVanoise MassifPralognan la Vanoise262412
Pra-LoupSouthern AlpsGreat Séolanethe Espace Lumière905020
Praz de Lys SommandNorthern AlpsBeaufortain MassifEspace Diamant505323
Praz sur ArlyNorthern AlpsMassif du GiffreEspace Diamant342511
Puy-Saint-VincentSouthern AlpsMassif des EcrinsPuy-Saint-Vincent753512
ReallonSouthern AlpsMassif des EcrinsRéallon30136
RisoulSouthern Alpsfrom Ecrins to QueyrasRisoul-Vars The White Forest1854317
Ristolas in QueyrasSouthern AlpsQueyras MassifRistolas in Queyras322
Roc d’Enfer – St Jean d’AulpsNorthern AlpsChablais MassifThe doors of the Sun503016
RommeNorthern AlpsAravis MassifRomme474
Roubion – Les BuissesSouthern AlpsMercantour MassifRoubion – Les Buisses30206
Saint Colomban des VillardsNorthern AlpsArvan-Villards massifThe Sybelles40198
Saint Francis LongchampNorthern AlpsMassif of LauzièreThe big Domain704216
Saint Gervais Mont-BlancNorthern AlpsMont-Blanc MassifEvasion MontBlanc22512056
Saint Hilaire du TouvetNorthern AlpsMassif of the ChartreuseSaint Hilaire du Touvet8106
Saint Jean d’ArvesNorthern AlpsMassif of Arvan-VillardsThe Sybelles704124
Saint Jean de SixtNorthern AlpsAravis MassifAlpine ski area of the Aravis Massif2011
Saint Léger les MélèzesSouthern AlpsMassif des AutanesSaint Léger les Mélèzes24169
Saint Martin de BellevilleNorthern AlpsMassif of VanoiseThe Three Valleys1608533
Saint Pierre de Chartreuse / Le PlanoletNorthern AlpsMassif of the CharteuseSaint-Pierre Station352814
Saint Sorlin d’ArvesNorthern AlpsMassif of Arvan-VillardsThe Sybelles403919
Saint VéranSouthern AlpsQueyras MassifSaint-Véran323313
Sainte Anne la CondamineSouthern AlpsMassif of ParpaillonSainte Anne la Condamine35136
Sainte Foy TarentaiseNorthern AlpsMount Pourri MassifSainte Foy Tarentaise43256
SamoënsNorthern AlpsGiffre MassifDomaine du Grand Massif459813
Sauze Super SauzeSouthern AlpsMercantour MassifSuper Sauze653421
Savoie Grand RevardNorthern AlpsMassif des BaugesSavoie Grand Revard363212
Serre ChevalierSouthern AlpsMassif des EcrinsSerreChevalier Briancon2508261
Serre EyraudSouthern AlpsMassif des EcrinsSerre Eyraud1193
Sixt Fer à ChevalNorthern AlpsGiffre MassifDomaine du Grand Massif1564
Superdevoluy / La Joue du LoupSouthern AlpsDévoluy massifSuperDevoluy1005322
Thollon les MemisesNorthern AlpsChablais MassifThollon les Mémises501614
TignesNorthern AlpsMassif of VanoiseEspace Killy – Tignes & Val d’Isère2117436
Turini Silver CampSouthern AlpsMercantour MassifTurini Silver Camp443
Val CenisNorthern AlpsMassif de la VanoiseDomaine de Val Cenis1256329
Val d’AllosSouthern AlpsMassif des trois évéchésthe Espace Lumière906427
Val d’IsèreNorthern AlpsMassif de la VanoiseEspace Killy – Tignes & Val d’Isère898136
Val PelensSouthern AlpsMercantour MassifVal Pelens372
Val ThorensNorthern AlpsMassif de la VanoiseThe Three Valleys1508830
ValbergSouthern AlpsMercantour MassifValberg – Beuil654215
ValfréjusNorthern AlpsMassif des CercesValfréjus-La Norma1352310
ValloireNorthern AlpsGalibier MassifValloire Galibier1609029
Vallouise-PelvouxSouthern AlpsMassif des EcrinsPelvoux-Vallouise25187
ValmeinierNorthern AlpsMount ThaborValloire Galibier1609029
ValmorelNorthern AlpsMassif of LauzièreThe big Domain956132
VarsSouthern Alpsfrom Ecrins to QueyrasRisoul-Vars La Forêt Blanche1857226
VaujanyNorthern AlpsMassif des Grandes RoussesAlpe Huez Grand Domaine Ski1973326
Ventoux – Mont SereinSouthern AlpsMont VentouxVentoux – Mont Serein12188
Villard de LansNorthern AlpsVercors MassifSpace Villard Correncon2455321
Villard ReculasNorthern AlpsMassif des Grandes RoussesAlpe Huez Grand Domaine Ski45148

What if you decided to ski in the Alps this winter? There are several resorts, each with its own characteristics for novices or experts. Let’s discover the Alps in SKI mode and see what we can find.

The Alps are a mountain chain which runs along the northern border of Italy, southeastern France and Switzerland, as well as Austria, southern Germany and Slovenia. The highest peak in the Alps is Mont Blanc (4,808.72 meters). There are 88 peaks over 4,000 meters (48 in Switzerland, 38 in Italy and 24 in France), with passes that sometimes exceed 2,000 meters in altitude. The Alps form a barrier of 1,200 kilometers between the Mediterranean Sea and the Danube.

The population of the Alpine arc, including all its countries and territories, is about 13 million inhabitants, of which 30.1% are in Italy, 23.9% in Austria, 18% in France, 12.8% in Switzerland, 10.1% in Germany, 4.7% in Slovenia and 0.2% each in Liechtenstein and Monaco (France and Austria). Grenoble (France), an urban area with more than 600,000 inhabitants, and Innsbruck (Austria), a agglomeration of more than 190,000 people,’ are both considered by the French and the Austrians as the capital of the Alps’

The best ski resorts in the Alps

Based on 7 criteria, each evaluated on a score of 10, the list is as follows: Alpe d’Huez, Serre-Chevalier, then Chamonix with an average score of 8.7 out of 10 above 8.7 according to

The highest ski resort in the Alps

The highest ski resort in the Alps is Val Thorens, which is located at an altitude of 2300 meters. It is also the highest mountain village in Europe.

The most accessible resorts in the Alps

The most accessible ski resorts by train are Les Arcs, Saint Gervais and Chamonix, which have direct rail connections. La Clusaz, Samoëns, Abondance or Morzine are accessible by car; they are relatively low and allow easy access by car without the danger of snow on the road.

The best ski resorts in the Alps for families

Before the age of one, some pediatricians advise against going higher than 1500 meters above sea level. Before the age of two, they recommend staying at 1800 meters above sea level. Therefore, you should avoid choosing a mountain community that is too high. In addition, to get there with your child, you will most likely want to have a pool on site. Therefore, we suggest Saint-Lary in the Pyrenees, Mont Dore in the Massif Central, or Villard de Lans (or Valloire) in the Alps.

The ski resorts of the Alps for non-skiing stays

Even if you don’t ski, you can visit a ski resort. So choose a place with a swimming pool and hiking or snowshoeing trails. Avoriaz (avalanche valley), Courchevel (Chamois mountain), Tignes (Matterhorn), Les Menuires, Val d’Isère are examples.

Car-free ski resorts in the Alps

Avoriaz, Valmorel, La Norma are the best car-free resorts, where you can only walk around. Cars are kept in the garage during your stay and you will not be disturbed in the pedestrian streets.

The closest resorts to Grenoble

The closest resort to Grenoble is Lans-en-Vercors (35 minutes by car), which is also the closest ski resort. Then there is Laux (40 minutes by car), Saint-Pierre-de-Chartreuse (40 minutes by car) and Chamrousse (45 minutes by car)

The closest ski resorts to Lyon

Saint Pierre de Chartreuse, which is the closest ski resort in the Alps, is 110 kilometers away, or 1 hour and 40 minutes by car. Then there is Lans en Vercors at 120 kilometers and Les Aillons Margeriaz at 130 kilometers.

The villages of the resorts which exceed 1600m of altitude

The ski resorts with a village residence at an altitude of over 1600 meters are Val Thorens, Isola 2000, Alpe d’Huez, Montgenèvre, Val d’Isère, La Rosière, Risoul, Orcières Merlette. Bonneval sur Arc is also included in the region known as Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur.

Questions and Answers

How many ski resorts are there in the French Alps ?

There are 158 ski resorts in the French Alps, that is to say almost two thirds of the ski areas in France. Note that these resorts are spread across 9 departments, and that many resorts are linked together to create large ski areas.

What is the best ski resort in the Alps?

According to Skidata, the ranking is composed of Alpe d’Huez, then Serre-Chevalier, and finally, Chamonix, with an average score out of 10 higher than 8.7, based on 7 criteria, evaluated on a score of 10, each.

What is the highest ski resort in the Alps?

The highest ski resort in the Alps is Val Thorens, is located at 2300m altitude. It is also the highest mountain village in Europe.

What are the most accessible resorts in the Alps?

The most accessible resorts by train are Les Arcs, Saint-Gervais, or Chamonix, with direct access by train. By car, there is La Clusaz, Samoens, Abondance or Morzine, which are relatively low in altitude, and in which the access by car, can be done easily, without too many risks of snow on the road.

What is the best ski resort in the Alps when you have a baby?

Some pediatricians recommend not to not go above 1500m altitude, before 1 year, and 1800m before 2 years. Thus, you should choose a mountain village not too high in altitude. Moreover, you will probably want a swimming pool on the spot, to go there with your baby. Thus, we can recommend you : Saint-Lary in the Pyrenees, Mont Dore in the Massif Central, or Villard de Lans, or Valloire in the Alps.

Which resorts in the Alps for a non-skiing vacation?

You can go to a ski resort, even if you don’t ski. So, choose a resort with a swimming pool, and hiking or snowshoeing trails. For example, Avoriaz, Courchevel, Tignes, Les Menuires, or Val d’Isère.

Which resorts in the alps are car free ?

The best resorts without car, and where one moves only on foot, are Avoriaz, Valmorel, La Norma or Piau-Engaly. During your stay, the cars stay in the garage, and you will not be bothered in the pedestrian streets.

What is the closest resort in the Alps to Grenoble ?

Lans-en-Vercors (in 35 minutes by car) is the closest station to Grenoble. Then there are 7 Laux (40 minutes by car), Saint-Pierre-de-Chartreuse (40 minutes by car), or Chamrousse (45 minutes by car)

What are the resorts in the Alps above 1600m of altitude ?

The ski resorts, whose village resort is above 1600m of altitude, are: Val Thorens, Isola 2000, Alpe d’Huez, Montgenèvre, Val d’Isère, La Rosière, Risoul, Orcières Merlette, Sainte Anne la Condamine, Bonneval sur Arc, Val d’Allos, Le Chazelet, Molines en Queyras, Saint Véran, Bessans, Ceillac en Queyras and Valberg.


Translated from the french original version :

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