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List of 232 Snowparks ? in France

Snowpark ?

List of ski resorts with a dedicated snowpark for snowboarders :

Ski resortMountainPresence of a snowpark ?
AbundanceNorthern AlpsYes
Abriès en QueyrasSouthern AlpsNo
Aiguilles in QueyrasSouthern AlpsNo
Aillons MargeriazNorthern AlpsNo
Albiez MontrondNorthern AlpsNo
Alpe d’HuezNorthern AlpsYes
Alpe du Grand SerreNorthern AlpsYes
Alti AigoualCentral MassifNo
AncelleSouthern AlpsNo
Areches BeaufortNorthern AlpsYes
Arvieux en QueyrasSouthern AlpsNo
Ascou PailhèresPyreneesYes
Auris en oisansNorthern AlpsYes
AuronSouthern AlpsYes
AussoisNorthern AlpsNo
AutransNorthern AlpsNo
AvoriazNorthern AlpsYes
Ax 3 DomainsPyreneesYes
Bellevaux – HirmentazNorthern AlpsYes
BernexNorthern AlpsNo
BessansNorthern AlpsNo
Besse Super BesseCentral MassifYes
Beuil les LaunesSouthern AlpsYes
Bonneval sur ArcNorthern AlpsNo
BramansNorthern AlpsNo
BrameloupCentral MassifNo
Brides les BainsNorthern AlpsYes
Bussang – LarcenaireVosgesNo
Cambre d’AzePyreneesNo
Ceillac en QueyrasSouthern AlpsNo
CĂ©ĂĽzeSouthern AlpsNo
ChabanonSouthern AlpsNo
ChaillolSouthern AlpsNo
ChalmazelCentral MassifNo
ChamonixNorthern AlpsYes
Champagny en VanoiseNorthern AlpsYes
ChamrousseNorthern AlpsYes
Chastreix SancyCentral MassifNo
ChatelNorthern AlpsYes
Ornon PassNorthern AlpsNo
Marcieu passNorthern AlpsNo
Porte PassNorthern AlpsYes
Rousset passNorthern AlpsNo
ComblouxNorthern AlpsYes
CordNorthern AlpsNo
Corrençon en VercorsNorthern AlpsYes
CourchevelNorthern AlpsYes
Crest Voland CohennozNorthern AlpsYes
CrévouxSouthern AlpsNo
DoucyNorthern AlpsYes
Bellefontaine Alpine SpaceJuraNo
Pond of LersPyreneesNo
FlaineNorthern AlpsYes
Flumet – St Nicolas la ChapelleNorthern AlpsYes
Font d’UrleNorthern AlpsNo
Font-Romeu – Bolquère – Pyrenees 2000PyreneesYes
Gaschney 360VosgesNo
Gavarnie GèdrePyreneesNo
Gréolières les NeigesSouthern AlpsNo
Gresse en VercorsNorthern AlpsNo
Isola 2000Southern AlpsYes
The Audibergue – La MoulièreSouthern AlpsNo
La Bresse BrabantVosgesNo
La Bresse HohneckVosgesYes
La Bresse LispachVosgesNo
The Chapel of AbondanceNorthern AlpsYes
La ClusazNorthern AlpsYes
La ColmianeSouthern AlpsNo
La Combe Saint PierreJuraNo
The Cross of BauzonCentral MassifNo
La GiettazNorthern AlpsYes
La Grave la MeijeSouthern AlpsNo
The Guards LodgeCentral MassifNo
La MongiePyreneesYes
La NormaNorthern AlpsYes
La Pierre St MartinPyreneesNo
La PlagneNorthern AlpsYes
La Planche des Belles FillesVosgesNo
La Rosière 1850Northern AlpsYes
La SambuyNorthern AlpsNo
La SchluchtVosgesNo
The Source of the Doubs – MoutheJuraNo
La TaniaNorthern AlpsYes
La ToussuireNorthern AlpsYes
LaguioleCentral MassifNo
Lans en VercorsNorthern AlpsNo
LarcheSouthern AlpsNo
Laye en ChampsaurSouthern AlpsNo
The Ballon d’AlsaceVosgesYes
Le Bleymard – Mont LozèreCentral MassifNo
The Field of FireVosgesNo
The ChazeletSouthern AlpsNo
The ChioulaPyreneesNo
The Collet of AllevardNorthern AlpsNo
Le CorbierNorthern AlpsYes
The Desert of EntremontNorthern AlpsNo
Le Grand BornandNorthern AlpsYes
Le Grand PuySouthern AlpsNo
Le Grand ValtinVosgesNo
The GranierNorthern AlpsNo
White LakeVosgesNo
Le LioranCentral MassifYes
The MarksteinVosgesNo
Le Mont DoreMassif CentralYes
Le MourtisPyreneesNo
Le ReposoirNorthern AlpsNo
Le Sappey en ChartreuseNorthern AlpsNo
The SchnepfenriedVosgesNo
The SemnozNorthern AlpsNo
Les 2 AlpesNorthern AlpsYes
The 7 LauxNorthern AlpsYes
Les AgudesPyreneesYes
Les AnglesPyreneesYes
Les ArcsNorthern AlpsYes
Les BottièresNorthern AlpsYes
The BrassesNorthern AlpsNo
Les CarrozNorthern AlpsYes
Les Contamines MontjoieNorthern AlpsYes
The CoulmesNorthern AlpsNo
The EqualsNorthern AlpsNo
Les Estables – MezencCentral MassifNo
Les FourgsJuraYes
Les GetsNorthern AlpsYes
Les HabèresNorthern AlpsNo
Les HouchesNorthern AlpsYes
Les KarellisNorthern AlpsNo
Les MenuiresNorthern AlpsYes
The Olmes MountainsPyreneesYes
Les OrresSouthern AlpsYes
Les Plans d’Hotonnes – Plateau de RetordJuraNo
Les RoussesJuraNo
Les SaisiesNorthern AlpsYes
Luchon SuperbagnèresPyreneesYes
Lus la JarjatteNorthern AlpsNo
Luz ArdidenPyreneesYes
ManigodNorthern AlpsYes
MĂ©audreNorthern AlpsNo
MegeveNorthern AlpsYes
MeribelNorthern AlpsYes
MĂ©tabief Mont d’OrJuraNo
Mijanès – DonezanPyreneesNo
Molines en QueyrasSouthern AlpsNo
Mount SaxonnexNorthern AlpsNo
Montchavin – La PlagneNorthern AlpsYes
Montclar les 2 valleysSouthern AlpsYes
MontgenèvreSouthern AlpsYes
Montmin – Col de la ForclazNorthern AlpsNo
MontriondNorthern AlpsYes
Jura MountainsJuraNo
MorillonNorthern AlpsNo
MorzineNorthern AlpsYes
Our Lady of BellecombeNorthern AlpsYes
Orcières MerletteSouthern AlpsYes
OrelleNorthern AlpsYes
Oz en oisansNorthern AlpsYes
Passy Plaine JouxNorthern AlpsNo
Peisey VallandryNorthern AlpsYes
Piau EngalyPyreneesYes
Carried PuymorensPyreneesYes
Pra-LoupSouthern AlpsYes
PrabouréCentral MassifNo
Pralognan la VanoiseNorthern AlpsYes
Praz de Lys SommandNorthern AlpsYes
Praz sur ArlyNorthern AlpsYes
Puy-Saint-VincentSouthern AlpsYes
ReallonSouthern AlpsNo
RisoulSouthern AlpsYes
Ristolas in QueyrasSouthern AlpsNo
Roc d’Enfer – St Jean d’AulpsNorthern AlpsNo
RommeNorthern AlpsNOn
Roubion – Les BuissesSouthern AlpsNo
Saint Colomban des VillardsNorthern AlpsYes
Saint François LongchampNorthern AlpsYes
Saint Gervais Mont-BlancNorthern AlpsYes
Saint Hilaire du TouvetNorthern AlpsNo
Saint Jean d’ArvesNorthern AlpsYes
Saint Jean de SixtNorthern AlpsYes
Saint Lary SoulanPyreneesYes
Saint Léger les MélèzesSouthern AlpsNo
Saint Martin de BellevilleNorthern AlpsYes
Saint Maurice sur MoselleVosgesNo
Saint Pierre de Chartreuse / Le PlanoletNorthern AlpsNo
Saint Sorlin d’ArvesNorthern AlpsYes
Saint VĂ©ranSouthern AlpsNo
Sainte Anne la CondamineSouthern AlpsNo
Sainte Foy TarentaiseNorthern AlpsYes
SamoensNorthern AlpsYes
Sauze Super SauzeSouthern AlpsYes
Savoie Grand RevardNorthern AlpsNo
Serre ChevalierSouthern AlpsYes
Serre EyraudSouthern AlpsNo
Sixt Fer Ă  ChevalNorthern AlpsNo
Superdevoluy / La Joue du LoupSouthern AlpsYes
Thollon les MemisesNorthern AlpsYes
TignesNorthern AlpsYes
Turini Silver CampSouthern AlpsNo
Val CenisNorthern AlpsYes
Val d’AllosSouthern AlpsYes
Val d’AzunPyreneesNo
Val d’IsèreNorthern AlpsYes
Val LouronPyreneesNo
Val PelensSouthern AlpsNo
Val ThorensNorthern AlpsYes
ValbergSouthern AlpsYes
ValfréjusNorthern AlpsYes
ValloireNorthern AlpsYes
Vallouise-PelvouxSouthern AlpsNo
ValmeinierNorthern AlpsYes
ValmorelNorthern AlpsYes
VarsSouthern AlpsYes
VaujanyNorthern AlpsYes
Ventoux – Mont SereinSouthern AlpsNo
Villard de LansNorthern AlpsYes
Villard ReculasNorthern AlpsYes
Xonrupt – Le PoliVosgesNo

What is a snowpark?

A snowpark is a reversed area in ski resorts, whose purpose is to allow the practice of freestyle (ie doing tricks), using the modules (the course) made in the snow.

What is the most beautiful snowpark in France?

According to, Meribel offers the most beautiful snowpark in France, for several reasons: its altitude of 2300m, which guarantees a good natural snow cover, its size of 1.2klm length, which makes it one of the longest courses in France, and finally, the number (and the diversity of its modules) that earns it the passage of many professionals throughout the winter season.

How much does it cost to access a snowpark?

Most ski resorts require the purchase of a classic lift pass. Others offer a special pass, giving only access to the snowpark, and which is generally cheaper than the lift pass. Finally, there is nothing to stop you from walking to the snowpark for free, but the number of runs will be limited.

What is the biggest snowpark in France?

Avoriaz offers the largest snowpark in France, called the Snowzone, especially because it offers two distinct courses: its stash, the « classic » course with more than 120 modules, and the Lindarets forest, which offers 100 additional wooden modules.

Are the snowparks accessible to beginners?

Yes, and No. First of all, you have to be able to control your trajectory and know how to brake before trying to join a snowpark. Then, you have to start with beginners modules, with mini jumps, on which you can practice jumping and landing.

Who has priority in a snowpark?

As on a ski slope, the snowboarder downstream (i.e. the lowest) always has priority over the one upstream. Each one must adapt his speed, his amplitude to the others, in order to avoid colliding on the modules.

Can skiers go to a snowpark?

Yes, skiers are allowed in the snow parks, and can use the modules. They must respect the safety rules and wear a helmet.

What are the safety rules in a snowpark?

First of all, you have to recognize the modules beforehand, and not overestimate your abilities. Secondly, you must wear a helmet. And thirdly, you must not stop on the course, nor ever go back up on foot. In case of a fall, you must quickly clear the track.
Finally, it is advisable to wear back protection.


Translated from the french original version :


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