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List of the 12 ski resorts in the Hautes-Pyrénées (65)

List of the ski resorts in the Hautes-Pyrénées :

There are 12 ski resorts in the Hautes-Pyrénées

Ski resort Commune Name of the Massif Name of the ski area (if connected) Number of ski runs Ski area (in KLM) Number of cross-country ski trails Nordic area (in klm) Altitude at the bottom of the ski area (in m) Altitude at the top of the ski area (in m) Average score according to /10
Saint Lary Soulan Saint-Lary-Soulan Pyrenees Massif Saint Lary Soulan 56 102 1 3 1 700 2 500 7,9
La Mongie Campan Pyrenees Massif Grand Tourmalet 58 60 1 3 1 400 2 500 7,7
Barèges Barèges Pyrenees Massif Grand Tourmalet 58 40 0 0 1 400 2 500 7,7
Peyresourde Gouaux-de-Larboust Pyrenees Massif Peyragudes 49 60 1 10 1 600 2 400 7,4
Piau Engaly Aragnouet Pyrenees Massif Piau Engaly 41 65 4 25 1 420 2 600 7,4
Gavarnie Gèdre Gavarnie Gèdre Pyrenees Massif Gavarnie Gèdre 29 40 1 8 1 850 2 400 7,3
Cauterets Cauterets Pyrenees Massif Cauterets 23 36 5 36 1 730 2 450 7,2
Val Louron Génos Pyrenees Massif Val Louron 20 20 0 0 1 465 2 100 7,1
Luz Ardiden Luz-Saint-Sauveur Pyrenees Massif Luz Ardiden 29 60 2 5 1 680 2 500 6,9
Nistos Nistos Pyrenean Massif Nistos 8 43 15 55 1 600 1 887 6,8
Val d’Azun Arrens-Marsous Pyrenees Massif Val d’Azun 9 5 9 90 1 350 1 600 6,6
Hautacam Beaucens Pyrenees Massif Hautacam 16 20 3 15 1 500 1 813 6,5

The Pyrenees

The Pyrenees The Pyrenees are a mountain range in southwestern Europe. They cover in length a little more than 430 km from the Mediterranean Sea (Cape Creus) to the Bay of Biscay (Cape Higuer), according to an east-west orientation. Barrier geographical resulting from the impact of the Iberian and European plates, the Pyrenees culminate at 3,404 meters of altitude at the peak of Aneto and separate the Iberian Peninsula from the rest of northern continental Europe. They represent the limit between Spain and France as well as the principality ofAndorra.

The chain of Pyrenees crosses two regions and six French departments: the regions Occitania (Pyrénées-Orientales, Aude, Ariège, Haute-Garonne, and Hautes-Pyrénées), and New Aquitaine (Pyrénées-Atlantiques). In terms of countries, Catalonia crosses four autonomous and seven provinces of Spain: from north to south Catalonia (Girona, Barcelona and Lleida), Aragon (Huesca and Zaragoza), Navarre (a community consisting of a single province of the same name) and the Basque Autonomous Community (Guipuscoa).

The GR 10 on the French side, the GR 11 on the Spanish side, and the Haute hiking The Pyrenees are three long-distance hiking trails that cross the Pyrenees from north to east.

And if you decide to ski in the Hautes-Pyrénées what about this winter? There are several ski resorts with specific characteristics for the novice or the expert. Let’s discover the Hautes-Pyrénées in SKI mode and see what we can find.

Skiing in the Hautes-Pyrénées

If you prefer skiing, snowshoeing or snowWhatever your passion, you will find your happiness in one of the 9 ski resorts of the High Pyrenees (Cauterets, Grand Tourmalet, Gavarnie-Gèdre, Hautacam, Luz Ardiden, Piau Engaly). A village in thearchitecture A special place and two ski areas. A place with a lot of snow thanks to its exposure, the cirque du Lys for downhill skiing.

The little Canada of the Pyrenees, the city of LourdesThe Pont d’Espagne and the Pyrenees National Park are one of the must-see destinations for lovers of Nordic skiing or snowshoeing. With spectacular panoramas and diverse landscapes in the Pyrenees National Park. The Grand Tourmalet is the largest ski area in the French Pyrenees. The east side, in terms of slopes, is dominated by the Mongiewhile on the west side, a real Pyrenean village opens up with the atmosphere of an authentic village. The Pic du Midi and its freeride descent ensure very high quality skiing. The Cirque de Gavarnie is one of the most famous places in the world in terms of mountains.

In winter, the circus is famous for its stunts of ice whose ascent is accessible to all, including neophytes. Its pleasant ski area for a family Ski resort offers a breathtaking spectacle. All the charms of a family resort accessible, green, with great views, beautiful sun and fun and safe space to enjoy nature and oxygenate is a young and friendly.

The station offers a well inscribed ski site with varied slopes. In the village of Luz-Saint-Sauveur, the setting is authentic and the atmosphere festive! Piau Engaly offers a wide playground suitable for all levels of skiers, from beginners to advanced skiers. This car-free resort, which is located in a mountain environment, is characterized by the original architecture of the accommodations which are fully integrated into the landscape. Saint-Lary is a great family and sporty Pyrenean ski resort. The village of Saint-Lary, linked to the ski area by the cable car and the gondola, gives the warm and authentic atmosphere of a real Pyrenean village at the gateway to Spain. Val LouronIt is the big resort for the little ones. A station without car with accommodation at the foot of the slopes, a peaceful pace for a family vacation.


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