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List of the 12 ski resorts in the Vosges department (88)

List of the ski resorts in the Vosges :

There are 12 ski resorts in the Vosges.

Ski resort Commune Name of the Massif Name of the ski area (if connected) Number of ski runs Ski area (in KLM) Number of cross-country ski trails Nordic area (in klm) Altitude at the bottom of the ski area (in m) Altitude at the top of the ski area (in m) Average score according to /10
Gérardmer Gérardmer Massif des Vosges Gérardmer 21 40 9 30 750 1 150 7,1
La Bresse Hohneck La Bresse Massif des Vosges The Bresse Hohneck 34 50 9 100 900 1 350 6,9
La Bresse Lispach La Bresse Massif des Vosges La Bresse Lispach 8 14 9 100 910 1 120 6,1
La Schlucht La Bresse Massif des Vosges The Schlucht 2 3 1 15 1 100 1 246 6,0
Ventron Ventron Massif des Vosges Ventron 9 10 3 16 870 1 150 6,0
Saint Maurice sur Moselle Saint Maurice sur Moselle Massif des Vosges Red Grass 10 15 3 21 550 1 260 5,9
Bussang – Larcenaire Bussang Massif des Vosges Bussang – Larcenaire 8 6 9 55 822 970 5,6
La Bresse Brabant La Bresse Massif des Vosges The Bresse Brabant 8 6 2 10 880 1 000 5,6
Le Grand Valtin The Valtin Massif des Vosges The Grand Valtin 3 2 1 15 750 1 139 5,6
Xonrupt – Le Poli Xonrupt-Longemer Massif des Vosges Xonrupt – The Poli 4 3 3 15 805 980 5,5

The Vosges department

In the heart of a natural environment protected by forests of fir trees and lakes, the Vosges ski resorts seduce by the variety of their activities, meeting the needs of all families: cross-country skiing, downhill skiing, snowshoeing, walks … Everyone can enjoy the pistes Skiing at your own pace, and according to your preferences. The highest mountains and resorts that offer winter sports like Gerardmer and Bresse Hohneck are located in the southern Vosges region.

The biggest station La Bresse Hohneck is a ski resort in the east of France, a place for all ski lovers, whether they are cross-country skiers, alpine skiers, hikers or snowboarders. It is located in the Ballon des Vosges Natural Park (altitude 600 – 1,363 meters). The resort is an ideal place to discover the joys of skiing. In the middle of an extensive and well-preserved nature reserve, nestled between the lake and beautiful pine trees, lies Gérardmer, nicknamed « the pearl of the Vosges ».

The destination tourist Vosges is fun and lively, and has 2 ski resorts: Mauselaine-Chaume-Francis-G for alpine skiing, with 20 runs, and the Bas-Rupts area for Nordic skiing which has 40 km of runs. The Vosges is a family resort and offers an excellent cross-country skiing terrain without excluding alpine skiers. The massif also knows how to mix tradition, gastronomy and warm hospitality.

The resort of La Bresse Hohneck is the highest resort of the Vosges. The summit of the ski area is 1350m located at the foot of the Kastelberg (4th highest point of the whole massif). With 50 km of slopes, and 450 meters of difference in altitude, the station has the largest slopes of the Vosges. Made famous by the Tour de France, the resort of La Planche des Belles Filles is the only ski area located in Haute-Saône.

La Bresse

With its gentle slopes, forests and gentle slopes, the ski resort of La BresseThe Bresse ski resort, which has been awarded the « Famille Plus » label, is a paradise for beginners of all ages. With 37 ski runs covering 220 hectares, it is the largest ski area in northern France and is comparable to its Alpine counterparts. With its blue, green, red and even black runs, as well as its slalom and night skiing runs, not to mention its vast Nordic area, La Bresse has everything to please. Its three segments (La Bresse Hohneck, La Bresse Lispach and La Bresse-Brabant) offer an enchanting setting of ridges, passes and lakes, which will seduce young and old alike.


Whether you are a beginner or an experienced skier, the beautiful Alsatian resort of Ventron (or Ermitage Frere Joseph) has a lot to offer. Try snowshoeing in a natural setting, or laugh out loud on the sledding hill and test your skills on the Bussang and Futaie trails (experience required). If you’re in the snow, enjoy the natural surroundings of this mountain town. The tranquility of the resort offers the possibility of hiking and cultural excursions as well as the chapel and the house of the hermit, from which the name of the resort comes.

Grand Valtin

What is unique, what is special to Grand Valtin ? Contrary to what it says, it is the smallest ski resort in Europe. Small but fascinating and diverse, it has its own green and blue slopes, as well as three blue slopes and a red slope, and 15 kilometers of cross-country skiing and a sledding area. If this family resort attracts by its tranquility and especially by its very affordable prices, it is the quality of the welcome and the authenticity of the establishments, the beauty of the village and the chalets which incite to stay and to come back. Please note that this resort is only accessible on Wednesday evenings, weekends and during school vacations.


The name of Gérardmer is well deserved: the resort is located on the edge of a stunning lake, with pine-studded slopes, and close to an idyllic town located at the intersection of Alsace and Lorraine. The peaceful and well-kept landscape that unfolds before your eyes offers you the opportunity to take a break and relax. Two distinct areas have been built: one, La Mauselaine, is dedicated to downhill skiing and has 40 km of runs, some of which are dedicated to night skiing, as well as a world-class snowpark. The second, that of Les Bas Rupts, is for Nordic skiing enthusiasts and can cover more than 100 km of runs.

The White Lake

The valley of Kaysersberg hides a little jewel that suits everyone, from the novice to the experienced, it is the Lac Blanc. The black run and its technical walls are mixed with five green runs, one blue and six red. If you’re the type who sleeps at night, you’ll have the opportunity to practice your slalom under the stars four nights a week. Cross-country skiing is a must, and snowshoeing, monoskiing and snowboarding enthusiasts can test their form on the ridges that make up the Ballons des Vosges. The natural park of the Ballons des Vosges. Lively, but also welcoming The Vosges resort offers you a total experience, with the added bonus of tasting local products in its upscale restaurant.

The Schnepfenried

While the name may be difficult to remember, there is no doubt that your experience at the Schnepfenried will be unforgettable. One of the largest ski areas in the Vosges, it is also a family-oriented resort that aims to delight guests of all levels and ages. 16 slopes guaranteed in white snow have green fields, three are blue, four are red and five are black. The boardercross and snowpark allow you to practice your skiing, and the Nordic area and sledding zone are both accessible free of charge. The icing on the cake is the « tartes flambées » to enjoy in the middle of the mountains.


Come ski with us in the tiny ski resort of Larcenaire. Safe and friendly, it has only eight runs, but will appeal to both the hardcore skier with its ski jump and slalom arena, and the novice with its blue and green runs, safe for snowboarders. Protected from the elements, the slopes are pleasant and ideal for family vacations, thanks to the children’s playground with a snow line that is sure to entertain your young ones. The free toboggan and the outdoor terrace, where visitors can eat French fries after a day on the slopes, are a picturesque sight.

Ballon d’Alsace

There is a lot to do in the region. The Ballon d’Alsace is not the most popular of the resorts, and this is because here you will have the slopes and the landscape all to yourself. With its varied offer, it does not have to be ashamed of the comparison with its counterparts: dog sledding, snowshoeing, tobogganing, snowboarding, groomed slopes, cross-country skiing and, of course, downhill skiing are offered in a magnificent setting. You can experience positive moods and thrills with friends and family in a place designed to accommodate snow enthusiasts of all levels, from the beginner’s zone to the black run. Avid hikers will find the conditions they are looking for in this area, which offers excellent hiking in large wilderness areas.

Le Champ du Feu

Near Strasbourg, close to StrasbourgThe Champ du Feu resort is ideal for combining visits to the city’s cultural scene with the pleasures of snow on the mountain tops. In this resort, harmony with nature is evident throughout your stay, from your accommodation to the various activities on offer and the delicious local cuisine. Cross-country skiing is the king of the mountain with 55 km of trails suitable for all levels. Outdoor activities abound, including groomed toboggan runs, pedestrian biathlon trails and tubing trails, unique to the region. Why not take advantage of your stay to study shiatsu or yoga in a beautiful setting?

Rouge Gazon

There is something for everyone at Rouge GazonRouge Gazon is a resort that offers a wide range of activities during the winter and summer months, for beginners and advanced snowboarders alike. This family and natural resort located in the Hautes-Vosges, at 1080 m altitude, is able to meet the needs of everyone in a relaxed environment. The fun run, the kindergarten, a secure sledging run for children and a snowpark that changes all year round for those who like to play: there is a variety of activities in one place. The treadmill is sure to delight you, just as the scenic areas you’ll pass through on your cross-country skiing or snowshoeing adventures will fill you in on the experience.


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