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The difficulties of the ski slopes ? of the 232 French resorts

Difficulties of the ski runs ?

The set of ski resorts with the most black runs, and sorted according to their difficulties.

Ski resortMountainMaximum vertical drop of the slopesSki slopes
(Number in units)
(Number in units)
(Number in units)
(Number in units)
(Number in units)
MegeveNorthern Alps130018535547224
Greolières les NeigesSouthern Alps4008622222220
Champagny en VanoiseNorthern Alps200013610723419
Montchavin – La PlagneNorthern Alps20001359733219
La PlagneNorthern Alps20001289673319
Alpe d’HuezNorthern Alps144011134312818
Saint Gervais Mont-BlancNorthern Alps137512024364317
Les ArcsNorthern Alps202612310554216
TignesNorthern Alps1900746332016
ChamonixNorthern Alps223311918434215
Les 2 AlpesNorthern Alps22509013481712
Flumet – St Nicolas la ChapelleNorthern Alps65016030675111
CourchevelNorthern Alps163810921413611
La TaniaNorthern Alps138210921413611
ValloireNorthern Alps13209018293310
ValmeinierNorthern Alps13209018293310
Val d’IsèreNorthern Alps16068115332210
Villard de LansNorthern Alps9075314121610
Corrençon en VercorsNorthern Alps9395113121610
MontgenèvreSouthern Alps840489131610
Brides les BainsNorthern Alps2350676262410
Serre ChevalierSouthern Alps1600825303810
AuronSouthern Alps850463171610
Crest Voland CohennozNorthern Alps8391573068509
Font-Romeu РBolqu̬re РPyrenees 2000Pyrenees5634115989
Les Contamines MontjoieNorthern Alps129048812199
Les GetsNorthern Alps83073432279
Peisey VallandryNorthern Alps160069329289
La ClusazNorthern Alps1460851630308
The AnglesPyrenees75045149148
Les MenuiresNorthern Alps1400851242238
Saint Martin de BellevilleNorthern Alps1400851242238
Val ThorensNorthern Alps930881139308
OrelleNorthern Alps2300861136318
La GiettazNorthern Alps730661117308
ComblouxNorthern Alps747651117298
MeribelNorthern Alps185270826288
Val d’AllosSouthern Alps80064529228
VarsSouthern Alps110072430308
Saint Lary SoulanPyrenees80056330158
The 7 LauxNorthern Alps1050511114197
Gresse en VercorsNorthern Alps5062710557
Orcières MerletteSouthern Alps87551917187
Saint Sorlin d’ArvesNorthern Alps11203991497
Les SaisiesNorthern Alps91961832137
Piau EngalyPyrenees118041419117
Les RoussesJura520551418186
Beuil les LaunesSouthern Alps670571111286
Puymorens staffPyrenees90035117116
FlaineNorthern Alps90065928226
ChatelNorthern Alps110045915156
Le LioranCentral Massif69044915156
Ax 3 DomainsPyrenees100036911106
AvoriazNorthern Alps112753825146
Praz de Lys SommandNorthern Alps75053728126
ChamrousseNorthern Alps85043714166
Pralognan la VanoiseNorthern Alps945247566
Sainte Foy TarentaiseNorthern Alps10702517126
Val CenisNorthern Alps1500631620225
Le Grand BornandNorthern Alps1100461413145
ValmorelNorthern Alps1150611331125
DoucyNorthern Alps1150611331125
Saint Jean d’ArvesNorthern Alps1520411014125
ChabanonSouthern Alps50035912105
Superdevoluy / La Joue du LoupSouthern Alps100053828125
La Rosière 1850Northern Alps95041813155
ValbergSouthern Alps4004276245
Gavarnie GèdrePyrenees550297985
Luchon SuperbagnèresPyrenees6572841265
The SchnepfenriedVosges248164345
Luz ArdidenPyrenees8202934175
La SambuyNorthern Alps700121245
SamoënsNorthern Alps1800982140334
Our Lady of BellecombeNorthern Alps920982140334
La MongiePyrenees1100581524154
Jura MountainsJura780471315154
Le CorbierNorthern Alps1520411015124
Les OrresSouthern Alps11703594184
MontriondNorthern Alps138050825134
Aillons MargeriazNorthern Alps9004082264
Saint Pierre de Chartreuse / Le PlanoletNorthern Alps9002886104
Pra-LoupSouthern Alps100050717224
Les AgudesPyrenees80049622174
Les KarellisNorthern Alps9202866124
The Collet of AllevardNorthern Alps650276984
Auris en oisansNorthern Alps1700246954
Besse Super BesseCentral Massif500275994
Les CarrozNorthern Alps9602841374
Ventoux – Mont SereinSouthern Alps512184464
Areches BeaufortNorthern Alps124030311124
Albiez MontrondNorthern Alps6002831384
ValfréjusNorthern Alps11872331164
BernexNorthern Alps1000213594
Mijan̬s РDonezanPyrenees470153544
Les HouchesNorthern Alps91030111144
The Lodge of the GuardsCentral Massif16040004
Saint Francis LongchampNorthern Alps110042121893
Métabief Mont d’OrJura56035101393
Oz en oisansNorthern Alps170033911103
VaujanyNorthern Alps115033911103
Isola 2000Southern Alps61044722133
Savoie Grand RevardNorthern Alps2003271393
Cambre d’AzePyrenees760237583
AutransNorthern Alps660217563
La ColmianeSouthern Alps21002071003
Montclar les 2 valleysSouthern Alps115029511103
Puy-Saint-VincentSouthern Alps130035417113
Le MourtisPyrenees510194573
RisoulSouthern Alps90043320173
Bonneval sur ArcNorthern Alps12002631283
AussoisNorthern Alps1250213773
The Grand PuySouthern Alps500133253
The ChioulaPyrenees485133433
The Olmes MountainsPyrenees6002125113
LaguioleCentral Massif207151663
Val d’AzunPyrenees25091233
Le Mont DoreCentral Massif6503115862
Rousset passNorthern Alps5502612752
Molines en QueyrasSouthern Alps109033712122
Saint VéranSouthern Alps109033712122
Roc d’Enfer – St Jean d’AulpsNorthern Alps9003077142
Sauze Super SauzeSouthern Alps100034612142
Chastreix SancyCentral Massif380186552
The Ballon d’AlsaceVosges330146332
La ToussuireNorthern Alps152042518182
Alpe du Grand SerreNorthern Alps81738519122
The BrassesNorthern Alps600204592
MorzineNorthern Alps1466204592
Ascou PailhèresPyrenees600174562
The MarksteinVosges180114322
La Pierre St MartinPyrenees6262931682
Ornon PassNorthern Alps29083122
Roubion – Les BuissesSouthern Alps5202024122
Val LouronPyrenees635202882
Saint Colomban des VillardsNorthern Alps15201921142
Vallouise-PelvouxSouthern Alps1050182862
Thollon les MemisesNorthern Alps1000162392
ChalmazelCentral Massif504152662
Pond of LersPyrenees27040112
BramansNorthern Alps57040112
Lans en VercorsNorthern Alps38730101271
La NormaNorthern Alps14002786121
Saint Léger les MélèzesSouthern Alps740168441
Bellevaux – HirmentazNorthern Alps5102678101
The Audibergue РLa Mouli̬reSouthern Alps4002375101
Arvieux en QueyrasSouthern Alps415147151
Villard ReculasNorthern Alps635146431
AncelleSouthern Alps457205771
ManigodNorthern Alps32029411131
Ceillac in QueyrasSouthern Alps750164291
AbundanceNorthern Alps780154821
ReallonSouthern Alps586134531
Saint Maurice sur MoselleVosges710104321
MorillonNorthern Alps18002031241
Sainte Anne la CondamineSouthern Alps570133631
The Cross of BauzonCentral Massif261113611
Mount SaxonnexNorthern Alps500113431
Les Estables – MezencCentral Massif34083311
La Planche des Belles FillesVosges19863111
La Bresse HohneckVosges45034216141
Praz sur ArlyNorthern Alps10342521391
Les HabèresNorthern Alps700192971
Abriès in QueyrasSouthern Alps9001623101
White LakeVosges300132371
Serre EyraudSouthern Alps62092231
Laye en ChampsaurSouthern Alps55082231
La Bresse LispachVosges21082411
CrévouxSouthern Alps950161761
La Bresse BrabantVosges12081331
Le Bleymard РMont Loz̬reCentral Massif24071141
LarcheSouthern Alps25251211
RommeNorthern Alps38070421
Les FourgsJura170157620
La Chapelle d’AbondanceNorthern Alps8002461350
CéüzeSouthern Alps470176650
The SemnozNorthern Alps254205780
Font d’UrleNorthern Alps450165660
Val PelensSouthern Alps15075200
Alti AigoualCentral Massif317144640
The Field of FireVosges400144460
ChaillolSouthern Alps400134540
Le ChazeletSouthern Alps500104340
Passy Plaine JouxNorthern Alps40093330
The CoulmesNorthern Alps39983410
Bussang – LarcenaireVosges14883410
BrameloupCentral Massif19073130
Aiguilles in QueyrasSouthern Alps16053300
Les Plans d’Hotonnes – Plateau de RetordJura250132740
CordNorthern Alps600102360
Le ReposoirNorthern Alps620102530
Lus la JarjatteNorthern Alps37072410
Sixt Fer à ChevalNorthern Alps40062400
Turini Silver CampSouthern Alps32042110
La Combe Saint PierreJura15542200
The Source of the Doubs – MoutheJura24542110
The GranierNorthern Alps42042110
Xonrupt – Le PoliVosges17542200
Ristolas in QueyrasSouthern Alps5022000
MéaudreNorthern Alps588161860
Saint Hilaire du TouvetNorthern Alps400101450
PrabouréCentral Massif13571240
Gaschney 360Vosges31071150
Marcieu passNorthern Alps35061320
Le Sappey en ChartreuseNorthern Alps39061230
The BottièresNorthern Alps62061240
Bellefontaine Alpine SpaceJura26151310
Montmin – Col de la ForclazNorthern Alps9051310
The EqualsNorthern Alps20041210
The Entremont DesertNorthern Alps20041210
BessansNorthern Alps26031200
Le Grand ValtinVosges38931110
Saint Jean de SixtNorthern Alps6011000
Door PassNorthern Alps44550320
The SchluchtVosges14620200
La Grave la MeijeSouthern Alps20010100

Please note we are talking about the number of black runs in units, not in elevation. Thus, Megève is the first resort for black runs because the resort has a consequent number of ski runs (in number) with difficulty, but it is necessary also take into account the difference in altitude « average of each of them ».

Some interesting information

Which resort has the most black runs?

The resort of Mègève is the ski resort which has the most black runs, with 24 ski runs classified as « very difficult ».

What is the longest black rated ski run in France?

The Sarenne track, in Alpe d’Huez, is the longest black ski run in France, with a length of 16klm, for a difference in altitude of 1800m.

What is the most difficult ski run in France?

A Courchevelthe black run of the  » big corridor « . is the steepest ungroomed ski run in France, with a maximum slope of 80% on its last meters. Its average slope is 55%, that is to say that on 100m length, you go down 55m in difference of level.

What is the most unusual ski run in France?

It is the slope « the Tunnel » in Alpe d’Huezsince you have a tunnel of 200m of length to cross, itself dug in the mountain, before being able to start to descend the black track.

What is the best resort for off-piste skiing?

The resort of « La Grave » is famous throughout the world for its off-piste possibilitiesIt is safe from avalanches. The area goes up to 3 550m of altitude, and is rather recommended to experienced skiers, adapted to freeride.

Which ski resort has the most green (easy) runs?

It is the resort of Alpe d’Huez which has 34 green runs, and where beginners will find the most ski runs easy. Afterwards, all ski resorts have trails for beginners.


Translated from the french original version :

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