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The only ski resort in Corsica (02)

List of ski resorts in Corsica :

There are 1 alpine ski resort in Corsica. Historically, there were even up to 3 ski resorts in Corsica, but the two others are today closed.

Ski resort Commune Name of the Massif Name of the ski area (if connected) Number of ski runs Ski area (in KLM and not connected) Number of cross-country ski trails Nordic area (in klm) Altitude at the bottom of the ski area (in m) Altitude at the top of the ski area (in m) Average score according to / 10
Ghisoni Ghisoni Massif of Corsica Ghisoni 7 3 0 0 1 580 1 870 6,1

The Corsica department

The CorsicaCorsica, a small mountainous island in the Mediterranean Sea, is best known for its wild coastline and « turquoise » water. Corsica offers three small ski resorts (Ghisoni, Val d’Eze and Vergio) located near the Italian Sardinia and France, which offer the possibility to ski from 1400m to 1870m of altitude. Note that, since 1991, a fourth station (Haut Asco) has been closed because of serious damage caused by falls of ground. This is the will of several local elected officials who are working to achieve this.

Several years ago, Corsica had the strategic objective of building a new station (in the same way as the resorts of the Southern Alps), near Corte. A plan to expand from Bormio, in the Valais, to the northwest is being considered. Such a project would provide slopes between 1550 and 2400 metersaltitude. However, the mountain will undoubtedly be a limiting factor for theinvestigators… Corsica has particular island climates that greatly influence the snow and humidity as well as the « warm » temperatures spring storms quickly transform the powder into spring snow.

The ski resort of Ghisoni (Haute-Corse)

Charming ski resorts exist in Corsica, contrary to what one might think. Ghisoni is obviously one of them. Located in Haute-Corse, it is accessible from Vivario from 20 minutes with the Mount Renoso as the 3rd highest summit of Corsica culminating at 2 352 meters of altitude. Lhe snow cover is excellent on the 7 slopes it offers. However, read this article carefully, because as in all other resorts, the soft snow is getting harder and harder, so there is little powder snow. However, this does not prevent the resort from marketing up to several 500 packages per day (depending on the rates below 15 euros), which means that the ski also enjoys the best conditions on the island of Beauty.

  • Altitude : 1580m-1870m.
  • 3 lifts.
  • 7 slopes (3 km of runs).
  • Day passes : 12€/adult and 6€/child.

The ski resort of Vergio (Haute-Corse)

It was built the first among all the ski resorts in Corsica. Where does the nice name of this ski resort come from? This hill, whose summit culminates at 1593 meters ofaltitude, owes its name to this culminating peak. The station of Vergio precedes in the distinction between the department of Haute-Corse (North Corsica) and that of South Corsica. It is also one of the rare ski resorts which offers a forest trail. Another particularity, it is the only ski resort that offers a forest track. If you want to ski in a rural setting for less than 15 euros, you know where to go in Corsica.

  • Altitude : 1400m-1593m.
  • 6 lifts.
  • 7 runs.
  • Day passes: 15€/adult and 7€/child.

The Val d’Ese ski resort (South Corsica)

Bastellica is the only station of South Corsica, it is precisely in Bastellica, between the valleys of Prunelli and Taravo, about 1h30 drive from Ajaccio. The resort has 5 ski lifts for 9 ski slopes and is specialized in the new styles of skiing that are practiced there. Yes, and it is also possible to practice some snowscootinga still little known activity. What is different is that many Ajaccians go skiing during the day in wetsuits before returning to Ajaccio to have an aperitif in their short suits on the marina. It is rather unique and amazing, isn’t it?

  • Altitude : 1620m-1750m.
  • 5 lifts.
  • 9 runs.
  • Day pass : about 15 €.

In Corsica, until 1992, there was a fourth ski resort. The High Asco was the station. However, following major floods, it had to close its doors. However, remember that for a few years there is already talk of a resumption of the station. In the meantime, you can visit the other ski resorts in Corsica which are still as original and authentic!


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