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Val d’Oronaye Larche

Larche, a traditional mountain village

Larche is a former commune French located in the department of Alpes-de-Haute-Provence on the French-Italian border and at the doors of the Mercantour National Park.

Larche is a traditional mountain village, with its local stone houses, which welcomes lovers of the great outdoors, summer and winterin its guest houses and inns and offers the specialties local specialties in its two restaurants.

Apart from the practice winter sports, it is also possible to visit the museum of the traditions of Saint Paul sur Ubaye, the religious heritage of the churches of the upper valley. Apart from that, there are the exhibitions naturalists of the gallery « Le Vrai, Le Bien, Le Beau » and the library of Larche for the pleasure of visitors.

An area specialized in cross-country skiing

The ski resort and Nordic space of Val d’Oronaye Larche is located in the heart of a preserved nature at the doors of the National Park of Mercantour.

This Nordic area has 7 cross-country ski trails traced in alternating and skating: 1 black of 12.5 km; 3 red of 10 km, 7 km, and 1.5 km; 1 blue of 4.5 km and 2 green of 16.5 km and 2 km. In all, 54 km of tiered sliding between 1700 m and 2000 m of altitude. A stadium of biathlon is set up at the start of this Nordic area where you can have a initiation shooting with instructors.

From alpine tracks of 2km served by 2 ski lifts and a snow wire are also available to start in all tranquility and discover the downhill skiing 1 black, 1 red, 2 blue and 1 green. The configuration is ideal to trace its first turns.

Children and beginners can enjoy the small play area. Instructors teach skiing and snowboarding in group or private lessons. Larche also offers a long sledging run of 3 km, and groomed, to make a memorable descent. Without forgetting that the followers of snowshoes Snow shoes can take 2 routesmarked out, but not groomed, to discover the nature.

The ski area of Val d’Oronaye Larche

⛷️ Ski resort ⛷️ Val d’Oronaye Larche
Commune Val-d’Oronaye
Massif Massif of Ubaye
Department Alpes-de-Haute-Provence
Mountain Southern Alps
? Ski area ?
Size of the village ski area (in klm): 3
Size of the village ski area with connection(s) (in klm): 3
Longest downhill ski run (in km) 4
Name of the ski area Larche
Connected station(s) No
❄ Altitude of ski area ❄
Altitude at the bottom of the ski area (in m) 1 405
Altitude at the top of the ski area (in m) 1 657
Average altitude of the ski area (in m) 1 531
Total height of the domain (in m) 252
Surface area of artificial snow (in ha) 0
? Difficulty of ski trails ?
Number of green runs 1
Number of blue trails 2
Number of red trails 1
Number of black runs 1
Total number of downhill ski trails 5
? Lifts ?
Ski lifts 3
Children’s treadmill 0
Fixed grip chairlifts 0
Detachable Chairlifts 0
Funiculars 0
Gondolas 0
Cable cars 0
Total number of lifts 3
? Nordic ski area ?
Number of cross-country ski trails (or Nordic area) 4
Size of the Nordic ski area (in klm): 40
?️ Services in the station ?️
Presence of a snowpark: No
Presence of an aquatic complex and spa No
Trails accessible on foot from the village : Yes
Number of year-round inhabitants (including low-lying village) 50
Slogan of the station Irresistible Alpes de Haute-Provence
? Access to the resort ?
Nearest train station: Gap (05)
Bus shuttle to a train station: No
Distance from Paris (in kilometers) 796
? Station price survey ?
Price list for a ski pass (1 day) in high season (access to the entire ski area) 11 €
Price of the week pass (6 days) in high season (access to the whole ski area) 58 €
Ski equipment rental rate per week (adult) 80 €
Ski equipment rental rate per week (child) 35 €
Rental studio 2 persons (school vacations) 320 €
Family apartment rental 4 persons (school vacations) 500 €
Total cost of stay for 2 adults (excluding transport and food) 596 €
Total cost of stay for 2 adults and 2 children (excluding transportation and food) 910 €
? Average real estate rate ?
Average price per m2 of an apartment 1 400 €
Average price per m2 of a chalet 1 500 €
Average price of a 60m2 apartment 84 000 €
Average price of a 100m2 chalet 150 000 €
? Station evaluation on 7 criteria ?
Score on the average snowmaking capacity of the massif / 10 7
Note on the ratio between the size of the ski area vs. the price of the stay / 10 5
Evaluation note of the ski area and ski lifts / 10 3
Note on the diversity of the proposed activities (except ski) / 10 5
Note on the charm and interest of the Village / 10 6
Note on the average cost of a stay / 10 10
Score on the average evaluation of Internet users /10 6,5
? Station average via 7 criteria ?
Final average score according to / 10 6,1
? Ranking according to ? 198th position out of 232 stations in France

Larche in Questions / Answers

  • What are the activities in winter in val-oronaye-Larche ?

The val-oronaye-Larche resort is a very rich resort in activities, especially in winter it offers activities like:

Snowshoeing Snowshoeing : this activity gives you the opportunity to explore the resort at your own pace. You can discover all the beauty of its nature and its landscapes.

Cross-country skiing : This activity offers 40 km of trails to practice skating or alternative skiing. You can enjoy a unique skiing experience.

Alpine skiing : This activity allows you to enjoy very well groomed slopes for a unique skiing experience.

Sledding: This activity allows you to enjoy unique sliding sensations with your family or friends on the different sledding slopes of the resort.

  • What are the activities in summer in val-oronaye-Larche ?

The resort also offers many summer activities such as :

Hiking Hiking: This activity gives you the opportunity to explore the resort and its surroundings in summer. You will have the opportunity to admire its nature and its sunny landscapes.

MOUNTAIN BIKING Mountain biking : this activity gives you the opportunity to take full advantage of the relief of the resort. You will be able to make the full of strong sensations while descending at full speed its slopes.

Climbing : This activity gives you the opportunity to enjoy the thrill of climbing the different rock formations of the resort and its surroundings.

Trial : This activity between running and hiking gives you the opportunity to admire the landscapes of the resort while taking advantage of its relief to exercise.

  • What to visit in and around val-oronaye-Larche ?

Among these places that you must visit in the resort of val-oronaye-Larche, we can mention : Ubaye valley, Ubaye mountains trekking and adventure, col de vars, val ferret.

  • Where to eat in val-oronaye-Larche ?

The resort of val-oronaye proposes several restaurants among which we can quote chalet de la marine, the balcony lodge, the explorers at the mazot.

  • Where to sleep in val-oronaye-Larche ?

The resort of val-oronaye-Larche offers a number of different accommodations such as: the Hotel 3 valleys, gite auberge du lauzanier, club Med val d’Isère, club Med val Thorens sensations

  • How big is the ski area of val-oronaye-Larche ?

The ski area of the resort of val-oronaye-Larche has a size of 3 kilometers, divided into 5 runs. Among these runs, the longest is 3 kilometers long. It also has 40 kilometers of cross-country ski trails.

  • What is the altitude of val-oronaye-Larche?

This area has an altitude between 1405 meters and 1657 meters high.

  • What is the price of the val-oronaye-Larche package?

Their packages start from 11 euros per day.

  • What is the average price of a rental in val-oronaye-Larche?

For a furnished studio for 2 people, the average price is 320 euros, and for an apartment for 4 people, the average price per week is 500 euros.

  • Is there a bike park in the resort of Val Oronaye-Larche?

No, it does not have a Bike Park.

  • How to get to val-oronaye-Larche by train ?

You can easily get there by being at the station of Brive là gallarde//lharche. Then you will have to take a cab because it does not have a shuttle to reach the station.

  • What is the postal code of val-oronaye-Larche ?

The zip code of val-oronaye-Larche station is 04530.

  • In which department is located val-oronaye-Larche ?

The station of val-oronaye-Larche is located in the department of Alpes-de-Haute-Provence.

  • Does the resort of val-oronaye-Larche have a tourist office ?

The station of val-oronaye-Larche is part of the tourist office val oronaye It is located at Rue de la Clavette, 04530 Val-d’Oronaye, France.

  • Are there any webcams on val-oronaye-Larche ?

Yes, there is a webcam, which you can find at this web address

  • Where to find information about the weather in val-oronaye-Larche ?

You can find the latest weather report from the val-oronaye-Larche station at

  • What is the opening date of the ski lifts in val-oronaye-Larche ?

At val-oronaye-Larche resort, the lifts usually open the first week of December, until the beginning of April, but it all depends on the snow conditions of the massif.

  • Is there an ESF school in val-oronaye-Larche ?

Yes, it is at Immeuble le Jardin Alpin, 04400, France.

What is’s opinion on val d’oronaye – Larche?

In the end, gives val-oronaye-Larche a rating of 6.07 on average, which places it in the 211th position in France. Its strong points are: cost of a stay 10/10, station charm 7/10, user rating 6.5/10.

Map of the cross-country ski trails of Larche – Val d’Oronaye

Val Oronaye - Map of cross-country ski trails and ski tours
Val Oronaye – Map of cross-country ski trails and ski tours
Larche - Map of the cross-country ski trails
Larche – Map of the cross-country ski trails
Map of the Nordic domain of Haute-Ubaye
Map of the Haute-Ubaye Nordic domain
Saint Paul sur Ubaye - Map of the cross-country ski trails
Saint Paul sur Ubaye (near Larche) – Cross country skiing map
Haute Ubaye - Nordic ski areas map
Haute Ubaye – Nordic ski areas map


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