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Charm of the 234 ski resorts in France?

Skidata a noted the charm of each of the 234 villages and ski resorts in France.

That is to say to evaluate the patrimonial interest of the village, the harmony of the construction, the beauty of its chalets, the integration in the landscape, in order to propose you a final note on 10:

If you are in disagreement, you can contact me via the contact form, justifying your opinion.

Ski resortMountainNote / 10 « Beauty of the Village
AbundanceNorthern Alps9
Abriès in QueyrasSouthern Alps7
Needles in QueyrasSouthern Alps7
Aillons MargeriazNorthern Alps7
Albiez MontrondNorthern Alps7
Alpe d’HuezNorthern Alps9
Alpe du Grand SerreNorthern Alps7
Alti AigoualCentral Massif7
AncelleSouthern Alps7
Areches BeaufortNorthern Alps7
Arvieux en QueyrasSouthern Alps7
Ascou PailhèresPyrenees6
Auris en oisansNorthern Alps8
AuronSouthern Alps9
AussoisNorthern Alps8
AutransNorthern Alps7
AvoriazNorthern Alps9
Ax 3 DomainsPyrenees8
Bellevaux – HirmentazNorthern Alps7
BernexNorthern Alps8
BessansNorthern Alps8
Besse Super BesseCentral Massif7
Beuil les LaunesSouthern Alps7
Bonneval sur ArcNorthern Alps10
BramansNorthern Alps7
BrameloupCentral Massif6
Brides les BainsNorthern Alps8
Bussang – LarcenaireVosges6
Cambre d’AzePyrenees7
Ceillac in QueyrasSouthern Alps8
CéüzeSouthern Alps7
ChabanonSouthern Alps7
ChaillolSouthern Alps7
ChalmazelCentral Massif6
ChamonixNorthern Alps10
Champagny en VanoiseNorthern Alps8
ChamrousseNorthern Alps7
Chastreix SancyCentral Massif6
ChatelNorthern Alps9
Marcieu passNorthern Alps7
Door PassNorthern Alps7
Rousset PassNorthern Alps6
Ornon PassNorthern Alps7
ComblouxNorthern Alps10
CordNorthern Alps8
Corrençon en VercorsNorthern Alps7
CourchevelNorthern Alps10
Crest Voland CohennozNorthern Alps8
CrévouxSouthern Alps7
DoucyNorthern Alps7
Bellefontaine Alpine SpaceJura7
Pond of LersPyrenees6
FlaineNorthern Alps7
Flumet – St Nicolas la ChapelleNorthern Alps6
Font d’UrleNorthern Alps6
Font-Romeu – Bolquère – Pyrenees 2000Pyrenees9
Gaschney 360Vosges6
Gavarnie GèdrePyrenees7
Greolières les NeigesSouthern Alps7
Gresse en VercorsNorthern Alps7
Isola 2000Southern Alps7
La Bresse BrabantVosges6
La Bresse HohneckVosges7
La Bresse LispachVosges6
The Chapel of AbondanceNorthern Alps8
La ClusazNorthern Alps10
La ColmianeSouthern Alps7
La Combe Saint PierreJura7
The Cross of BauzonCentral Massif6
La GiettazNorthern Alps8
La Grave la MeijeSouthern Alps8
The Lodge of the GuardsCentral Massif6
La MongiePyrenees7
La NormaNorthern Alps7
La Pierre St MartinPyrenees7
La PlagneNorthern Alps7
La Planche des Belles FillesVosges6
La Rosière 1850Northern Alps8
La SambuyNorthern Alps7
The SchluchtVosges6
The Source of the Doubs – MoutheJura7
La TaniaNorthern Alps10
La ToussuireNorthern Alps7
LaguioleCentral Massif6
Lans en VercorsNorthern Alps7
LarcheSouthern Alps6
The Audibergue – La MoulièreSouthern Alps7
Laye en ChampsaurSouthern Alps7
The Ballon d’AlsaceVosges6
Le Bleymard – Mont LozèreCentral Massif6
The Field of FireVosges7
Le ChazeletSouthern Alps7
The ChioulaPyrenees7
The Collet of AllevardNorthern Alps7
Le CorbierNorthern Alps7
The Desert of EntremontNorthern Alps7
Le Grand BornandNorthern Alps10
Le Grand PuySouthern Alps7
The Grand ValtinVosges6
The GranierNorthern Alps7
White LakeVosges6
Le LioranCentral Massif6
The MarksteinVosges6
Le Mont DoreMassif Central7
Le MourtisPyrenees6
Le ReposoirNorthern Alps7
Le Sappey en ChartreuseNorthern Alps7
The SchnepfenriedVosges6
The SemnozNorthern Alps7
Les 2 AlpesNorthern Alps8
The 7 LauxNorthern Alps7
Les AgudesPyrenees6
The AnglesPyrenees7
Les ArcsNorthern Alps7
Les BottièresNorthern Alps7
The BrassesNorthern Alps7
Les CarrozNorthern Alps9
Les Contamines MontjoieNorthern Alps9
The CoulmesNorthern Alps7
The EqualsNorthern Alps7
Les Estables – MezencCentral Massif6
Les FourgsJura7
Les GetsNorthern Alps9
Les HabèresNorthern Alps7
Les HouchesNorthern Alps9
Les KarellisNorthern Alps7
Les MenuiresNorthern Alps9
The Olmes MountainsPyrenees6
Les OrresSouthern Alps7
Les Plans d’Hotonnes – Plateau de RetordJura6
Les RoussesJura8
Les SaisiesNorthern Alps8
Luchon SuperbagnèresPyrenees6
Lus la JarjatteNorthern Alps7
Luz ArdidenPyrenees7
ManigodNorthern Alps8
MéaudreNorthern Alps7
MegeveNorthern Alps10
MeribelNorthern Alps10
Métabief Mont d’OrJura7
Mijanès – DonezanPyrenees6
Molines en QueyrasSouthern Alps7
Mount SaxonnexNorthern Alps7
Montchavin – La PlagneNorthern Alps7
Montclar les 2 valleysSouthern Alps6
MontgenèvreSouthern Alps8
Montmin – Col de la ForclazNorthern Alps8
MontriondNorthern Alps8
Jura MountainsJura7
MorillonNorthern Alps8
MorzineNorthern Alps10
Our Lady of BellecombeNorthern Alps8
Orcières MerletteSouthern Alps7
OrelleNorthern Alps7
Oz en oisansNorthern Alps8
Passy Plaine JouxNorthern Alps8
Peisey VallandryNorthern Alps7
Piau EngalyPyrenees7
Puymorens SpanPyrenees6
PrabouréCentral Massif6
Pralognan la VanoiseNorthern Alps7
Pra-LoupSouthern Alps7
Praz de Lys SommandNorthern Alps8
Praz sur ArlyNorthern Alps9
Puy-Saint-VincentSouthern Alps7
ReallonSouthern Alps7
RisoulSouthern Alps7
Ristolas in QueyrasSouthern Alps7
Roc d’Enfer – St Jean d’AulpsNorthern Alps7
RommeNorthern Alps7
Roubion – Les BuissesSouthern Alps7
Saint Colomban des VillardsNorthern Alps8
Saint Francis LongchampNorthern Alps7
Saint Gervais Mont-BlancNorthern Alps9
Saint Hilaire du TouvetNorthern Alps7
Saint Jean d’ArvesNorthern Alps7
Saint Jean de SixtNorthern Alps9
Saint Lary SoulanPyrenees7
Saint Léger les MélèzesSouthern Alps6
Saint Martin de BellevilleNorthern Alps10
Saint Maurice sur MoselleVosges6
Saint Pierre de Chartreuse / Le PlanoletNorthern Alps7
Saint Sorlin d’ArvesNorthern Alps7
Saint VéranSouthern Alps7
Sainte Anne la CondamineSouthern Alps6
Sainte Foy TarentaiseNorthern Alps9
SamoënsNorthern Alps9
Sauze Super SauzeSouthern Alps7
Savoie Grand RevardNorthern Alps7
Serre ChevalierSouthern Alps9
Serre EyraudSouthern Alps7
Sixt Fer à ChevalNorthern Alps9
Superdevoluy / La Joue du LoupSouthern Alps7
Thollon les MemisesNorthern Alps9
TignesNorthern Alps8
Turini Silver CampSouthern Alps7
Val CenisNorthern Alps8
Val d’AllosSouthern Alps7
Val d’AzunPyrenees7
Val d’IsèreNorthern Alps10
Val LouronPyrenees6
Val PelensSouthern Alps6
Val ThorensNorthern Alps8
ValbergSouthern Alps7
ValfréjusNorthern Alps7
ValloireNorthern Alps9
Vallouise-PelvouxSouthern Alps7
ValmeinierNorthern Alps7
ValmorelNorthern Alps8
VarsSouthern Alps7
VaujanyNorthern Alps8
Ventoux – Mont SereinSouthern Alps7
Villard de LansNorthern Alps8
Villard ReculasNorthern Alps8
Xonrupt – Le PoliVosges7


Translated from the french original version :

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