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The 9 ski resorts in Ariège (09)

List of the ski resorts in Ariège :

There are 9 ski resorts in this department

Ski resort Commune Name of the Massif Name of the ski area (if connected) Number of ski runs Ski area (in KLM and not connected) Number of cross-country ski trails Nordic area (in klm) Altitude at the bottom of the ski area (in m) Altitude at the top of the ski area (in m) Average score according to / 10
Ascou Pailhères Ascou Pyrenees Massif Ascou Pailhères 17 15 0 0 1 500 2 100 6,6
Ax 3 Domains Ax-les-Thermes Pyrenees Massif Ax 3 Domaines 36 80 0 0 1 400 2 400 7,8
Beille Tarascon-sur-Ariège Pyrenees Massif Beille 17 4 17 55 1 800 2 000 6,3
Pond of Lers Aulus-les-Bains Pyrenees Massif Pond of Lers 4 25 4 24 1 300 1 570 6,4
Goulier Goulier Pyrenees Massif Goulier 8 7 0 0 1 500 1 850 6,4
Guzet Ustou Pyrenees Massif Guzet 29 40 1 3 1 100 2 100 7,1
The Chioula Ignaux Pyrenees Massif The Chioula 13 0 13 48 1 240 1 725 6,0
The Olmes Mountains Montferrier Massif of Tabe The Mounts of Olmes 21 15 0 0 1 400 2 000 6,4
Mijanès – Donezan Mijanès Pyrenees Massif Mijanès – Donezan 15 12 6 15 1 530 2 000 6,4

Skiing in Ariege

The department of Ariège, which is largely located in the Pyrenees Mountains, is a high place. It can meet all the needs of skiing: from beginners to professionals. The Ariege, a large unique territory, mountains and ponds covers the south-north length in successive steps from 300 to 3000 m of altitude, leaning against the Spanish and Andorran. The Pyrenees are the wildest of the Pyrenees. Whatever his ambition, the traveler is sure to be fulfilled: is this not the country where one can meet gold seekers, bears, shepherds, blacksmiths and miners, that of smugglers and resistants?

The ski resorts of the Ariège

For downhill skiing, we have Guzet, Les Monts d’Olmes, Ascou Pailhères, Mijanes Donezan, Goulier Neige and Camurac. For cross-country skiing, we can mention the plateaux of Beille, Chioula and the pond of Lers…

AX-3-DOMAINES – 1400 – 2400 M

  • 1h from Foix and 2h from Toulouse
  • 80 km of trails for 37 trails (9 green, 11 blue, 10 red, 7 black)

The resort of Ax-3-Domaines offers all the riches of the Pyrenees mountains to its visitors, thanks to the skiing in the forest or in the high mountains on its third sector. The pleasures are immediately continued by the local cuisine, the thermal bath at the Bains du Couloubret and the atmosphere of a living mountain village with the cable car directly linked to the village of Ax-les-Thermes.

ASCOU 1500-2000M

  • 1h20 from Foix and 2h20 from Toulouse
  • 15 km of trails for 17 runs (4 green, 5 blue, 6 red, 2 black)

The skiing starts gently in the pine forest before taking you to the more interesting runs of the Pailhères pass, whose name is linked to many passages by the Tour. After a few runs in Ascou, we know you! « Family atmosphere » takes on its full meaning in French. With a predetermined budget, this authentic resort allows you to feel all the impressions of skiing.

GOULIER 1500 – 1850 M

  • 40 minutes from Foix and 1h40 from Toulouse
  • 8 km of slopes for 7 runs (2 green, 2 blue, 2 red, 1 black)

Without a doubt, the smallest resort in the Pyrenees and yet… This is just one of the many facets of this « Montcalm nature sports resort. » At the foot of the highest peak in the Ariège, the Montcalm (3077 m), you can find a ski area that breathes peace, calm and friendliness; that of a family resort at very low prices.


  • 1h45 from Carcassonne, 2h from Foix and 2h40 from Toulouse (via Belesta, the road to the Col de Pailhères being closed in winter)
  • 12 km of trails for 15 trails (4 green, 6 blue, 3 red, 2 black)

This resort will be a delight for skiers because of the affordable rates it offers. Appropriate activities according to your level and your specialty, of course. All desires are fulfilled here. The resort of Mijanès-Donezan is a family and sporty resort at the same time, because it is specialized in fun skiing with a snake gliss and a multitude of ski tours.

LES MONTS D’OLMES 1500 – 2000 M

  • 50 minutes from Foix and 1h45 from Toulouse
  • 21 km of trails for 18 trails (5 green, 3 blue, 8 red, 2 black)

The Monts d’Olmes ski resort welcomes you in the Cathar Pyrenees, close to the castle of Montségur, for a fun and family skiing. Do you want to follow the tracks of Perrine Laffont and ski in all its forms? The resort is proud of its Olympic champion and offers various ways of skiing.

GUZET 1100 – 2100 M

  • Opening on December 18
  • 50 minutes from Saint-Girons and 2h15 from Toulouse
  • 40 km of trails for 29 trails (7 green, 9 blue, 9 red, 4 black)

Choose your chalet quietly… Time stops to allow you to share all the pleasures of your stay in the mountains. The resort offers one of the most beautiful panoramas in the world. No problem either with skiing: from the beginner prat mataou to the Freychet, passing by all the slopes of the Picou, each person skis at his own pace.

Plateau de Beille for cross-country skiing in Ariège

The Pyrenean is the first cross-country skiing site in the Pyrenees. The Plateau, located in Ariège at 1800 meters of altitude, offers a preserved wild nature, major landscapes and a breathtaking panorama on the Pyrenees.

Beille, the Nordic ski area, offers 14 rolling ski runs for a total distance of 32 kilometers. You can enjoy Nordic skiing with the area’s menu, which includes dishes like no other Scandinavian restaurant. Beginners, advanced skiers and skating specialists can find everything they need in this establishment.

In Beille, marked snowshoeing trails of different levels allow you to discover the winter mountains at your own pace. The resort also offers many distractions: dog sledding, igloo building, sledding for children… Wonderful mementos for the whole family!


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