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The only ski resort in the Bas-Rhin (67)

List of ski resorts in the Bas-Rhin :

There is a ski resort in Bas-Rhin

Ski resortCommuneName of the MassifName of the ski area (if connected)Number of ski runs Ski area (in KLM and not connected)Number of cross-country ski trailsNordic area (in klm)Altitude at the bottom of the ski area (in m)Altitude at the top of the ski area (in m)Average score according to / 10
The Field of FireBelmontMassif des VosgesThe Field of Fire146151007001 1005,9

The Bas-Rhin is a department French department. It is an administrative district, a territory of competence of State services whose prefecture is in Strasbourg. The Bas-Rhin was also a community territorial collectivity, i.e., it was a legal entity of public law different from the State invested with a mission of general interest for the department, understood as territory. The European community of Alsatians merges with the Haut-Rhin on January 1, 2021 to form the European community of Alsatians and Lorrainers.

The Lower Rhine are the name of the inhabitants of the region. The code 67 has been assigned to it by the Insee and the Post Office. The department faces theGermanywhose very old links and a common history have established occurred.

And if you decide to ski in the Bas-Rhin this winter? There is a unique ski resort Le Champ du Feu, with its options for novices or experts. Let’s discover together the Bas-Rhin in SKI mode and see what we can find!

Ski resort Le Champ du Feu

Le Champ du Feu, with its alpine ski resort and the highest point of the Bas-Rhin (at an altitude of 1,099 meters), is located 63km from Strasbourg, 17km from Schirmeck and 35km from Molsheim.

The ski area of Champ du Feu, which offers alpine skiing, cross-country skiing and long snowshoeing tours, covers about 50 hectares and three sectors (Le Vieux-Prés, la Serva and les Myrtilles). 9 ski lifts provide 14 ski slopes (6 green, 3 blue and 5 red), none of which are equipped with snow cannons.

Attention The openings of the lifts of the Champ du Feu follow the periods :

– from 9 am during week-ends and school vacations

– only from 11 am on weekdays outside school vacations.

The Champ du Feu ski resort is also one of the largest cross-country skiing sites in Alsace, with about 55 km of marked and groomed trails (skating and alternative). There is also a biathlon track, a marked and secured track with 6 km of snow-covered and groomed pedestrian routes allowing loops or round trips.

The other great advantage of the Camp des Flammes is its tubbing track: Come and discover the joys of skiing all year round, alone, with your family or in a group!

You will also have the chance to discover a ski school, its snow garden, several fitness centers (alpine and cross-country), an off-limits room, as well as a handful of restaurants/inns to refresh yourself.

Champ du Feu Ski Area

► The alpine ski area

The Champ du Feu offers 14 downhill ski runs, 5 green, 4 blue, and 5 red in the ski area. In 2010 the French Ski Federation approved a stage of slaloms and giants, chicks, minimes and benjamins by dedicating a new route.There are 9 ski lifts serving the entire area, they have been impacted by sharp changes and renovations, for the comfort of skiers.

Following numerous studies, the transport capacity was increased from 4,200 skiers/hour to 5,600 skiers/hour to maximize the waiting time at the boarding point and allow skiers to ski in complete safety.

An automatic snowmaking facility was installed to sustain and improve the quality of the slide. The Champ du Feu resort opted for a mixed solution of snowmaking equipment, including poles and fan guns. The choice of such a configuration allows for several snow guns to be used so that they can produce good quality snow within a limited timeframe (at -1.5°C). This implementation allows for the snowmaking of at least 75% of the 50 hectares of the alpine ski area.

► Snow Park and recreational areas of the Champ du Feu

Snowparks have been set up on the Champ des Feu area. The CDF PARK is a playful area to safely begin its first jumps with all the tranquility possible. This zone is located on the Chapelle slope and offers those who are not yet familiar with the sensations of freestyle to explore this universe.

► Cross-country skiing at Champ du Feu

The ski area of Champagne Fire is free, and the Bas-Rhin ski grouping ensures the trace and marking of the 90 km of trails: 5 green (26.5 km), 5 blue (15.5 km), 5 red (47.5km) , 2 black (12.5 km) and 1 biathlon stadium are accessible to all without charge. You will find a water ski school in the chalet of the general council, where the tourist office is located as well as the off-book room.

Translated from the french original version :

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